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" When someone says hurtful things, it's only a reflection of their struggle. Try not to be offended, instead reflect love back to them. It won't be easy at first but like any muscle the more you use it the stronger it becomes. You will feel more powerful in the end by not succumbing to your lower nature. "The most hateful characteristic of man is fault finding."
I thank that's my favourite quote right now. I couldn't fit it into to bio, so put it here.

Innocent Wings

August 18, 2018



Usually, this is the part that people introduce themselves. I suppose you want me to do the same.

That will be tricky. 
Everyone thinks my true identity is evil. For this reason, I must hide.
I’m not who I say I am. I say I am Letty Boro. This is not the truth. She’s made up. 
And, now, she is me.
This is my story. Now, stories usually start in the beginning. Maybe I will say it later, but I can’t talk about it without getting teary eyed. Let’s start at the beginning of the school year. A different type of beginning, so it should be fine.
--- Chapter One ---
I get off the HyperBus and adjust the collar of my uniform. The uniform is a Denim Jacket with the school crest on it, combat boots, and jeans. Underneath I wear a t-shirt. The crest is divided into 4 sections, one with a wing, one with a plant, one with a  bolt of lightning, and one with a flame.
I look at my hands. I’m still getting used to them. I take a deep breath. I don’t know if I can keep up the act. 
I have to try.
I summon a Fireball and play with it. An old habit of mine. People don’t look at me weirdly. After all, this is a Superhero School. Seeing people just shaping fire or flying over our heads or riding hoverboards is normal. 
A big crowd of non-fliers bustle and push past each other in the hallway. I put my hands on my hips. “No way am I going in there.” I push off the ground and soar over the large crowd. I look around and see a large banner with the words ‘First Years in here.’ I slowly lower myself, landing on the floor easily. I push past the door, letting it swing shut behind me. It is a beautiful Gymnasium. The bleachers are pulled out, fliers landing on the top. The roof soars above us at an almost unattainable height.
“Welcome, New Students. As you all know, this is 
S A S S. The Superhero Academy of Special Skills. I am Principal Confido.” A low grumble sounds from the students. “Hello, Principal Confido.” The Principal smiles. “Before your classes start, you will get a week to settle in. Get to know your dorm. Get to know your classmates. Get to know your new school. But before that can happen, we need to do the Naming Ceremony.” What does that mean?
“Many of you are probably wondering, What does that mean? What is this ‘Naming Ceremony’? Here’s your answer. New students are scanned by a Robot. The robot announces their full name, their powers, their species, and the Superhero or Villain name they have been given. It also announces whether they are good, or evil.” She gestures to a blue robot in the back of the room. “We will start in the left, end in the right.” I am seated in the middle. I need to come up with a plan, and fast. I shuffle in my seat. I squeeze my eyes shut and call on my powers. My fingers tingle. Technopath. I try to focus on the ceremony, but after the first girl, who must have thought the robot was going to attack her or something, fly kicks the robot’s head off (it fixes itself somehow), it just doesn’t get any more interesting. So I wait until the boy sitting next to me has been announced. The robot’s scanner runs over me, and I zap the robot with an invisible shot. “Letty Boro. Flight, Fire. Human. Superhero Name: Sunray. Hero.” I breathe a sigh of relief.
We push out the door in a big crowd, like any group of young 16 year-olds. Once we are out the door, I kick off and get myself out of the crowd. A teacher is standing in the middle of the hallway, his voice echoing in the large hall. “Wings A, B, C, and D, for Heroes! Wings W, X, Y, and Z, for Villains! Go and enter at the machine in block M! You will be randomly sorted into a dorm!” I looked at a hanging sign, indicating where block M is. 
I land at a queue for the machine, Happily finding that it goes fast. After a fairly short amount of time, I am at the front. “Name,” The machine beeped. A keyboard popped out. I slowly type in, ‘Letty Boro’, my fingers pressing keys seemingly randomly. The machine processes it for a second, before beeping, “Block C, dorm 482.” It prints a sheet of paper with a map of the school and a clear path to my dorm. “Don’t throw away, you can still use.” An arrow states, ‘You are here.’ As I move, the dot inches forwards. “Cool!” I launch off and follow the map.
I am the first one to C482. It seems that it didn’t mean level 4, room 82, but level 48, room 2. My Roommates have not yet arrived, but a sign on the door says that there are four of us. I push the door aside and press the button on the wall. It drops the things I had put in the Hyperbus onto the floor.  I turn to the room. It has a big open space with a balcony, four bedrooms, and a bathroom. I claim a bedroom and set down my bags. They are pulled into the floor, and then I leave the room. A sign on the door now reads my fake name, ‘Letty Boro’. I go to the balcony and take in the view. I find that the balcony has a landing pad. I jump off, fly around, and land back. “Yes! Perfect! Now, I don’t need to take the elevator, the wait is so long.” I hear the door slam shut. I run in and see a girl with tanned skin and black hair. She has highlights that are aqua and gold, and her brown eyes are flitting around, taking everything in. “Oh, um. Hi, sorry, do you know which palace- uh, I mean, lounge should I take?” I chuckle. “Lounge? Are you silly? We each have bedrooms. They are connected by a living room. Just take a free one.” I see her holding her suitcases. “You should have left the cases on the bus.” She rolls her eyes. “I’ll rather my servants do that job.” 
“Sooooooo take a bedroom, I guess.” I frown a little at her attitude. She walks into her room.
“You said we had a bedroom! This is a full-on palace!” I laugh and fly outside again. When I come back in, someone is there.
“Hey. Skyler Wright. Guess you’re my dorm mate.” 
She has dark wavy hair with dark blue highlights in it, pale skin, and intense stormy grey eyes. She is quite tall. She is wearing the uniform, and she has a lightning bolt necklace made of diamond and quartz. I decide to start with a compliment. “Nice  necklace!” She fingers it. “Thanks!” Her stormy grey eyes meet mine. Realization hits me. That’s where I recognize her from. “Oh… so you’re Karate Girl… I was wondering who that was.” 
She grimaces. “Ugh. Three minutes into this school and I’m already known as ‘Karate Girl.’ Well, it’s better than ‘Freaky Combat Girl,’ anyway, which is what I heard another girl saying in the hallway.” I smile tentatively. “Well, I’ll refrain from calling you either. To me, you’ll always be Skyler.” 
She smiles. “Thanks. By the way, what’s your name? Sorry for not asking earlier.” 
I tense. “I’m Letiti- um, Letty. Letty Boro.” 
“Hi, Letty Boro. Or should I just call you Letty?” she asks with a nervous laugh.
I breathe a sigh of relief. Phew! That was a close one! I almost… gave it away. Well, I guess I have to be more careful in the future to avoid any… slip-ups.
“Just Letty is fine.” I say.
“Well, Letty, do you know who else we’re rooming with? Also, where exactly do we sleep?” she asks.
“Just choose a bedroom.” I say, yet again.
“Thanks!” She walks to a bedroom and I hear her gasp. I chuckle. I decide I need to check out my room.
When I see it, I don’t explode in amazement.
Nah, they had devices like the ones here where I come from.
A bed float at least 8 feet off the ground. Glowing red crystals seem to make it levitate. The bed is red, too. I fly up and see that the covers are pink. I go through a door and see a large bathroom. A bathtub with a showerhead and a tv screen on the ceiling, one of those old screens you can hide behind to change, a toilet with a massager, a towel rack, a light pink Vanity, and a sink. I exit the room and see a rack full of awesome fire-themed weapons. A bow with ever flaming arrows, a flaming sword, and so much more. It has a flamethrower… though my hands are pretty much-advanced ones. Most of it is on fire since that is just like me. I am more powerful if my weapons are on fire, so I am happy with it. A closet is there, with a seemingly infinite hall of cool pink and red outfits. The ceiling arches higher than high. I decide to go check on Skyler.
I walk into her room and wave. “Hey. Liking the school’s technology?”
She smiles. “Loving it! I can’t believe this is where I live now.”
I chuckle. “Yeah, pretty hard to dislike.”
She smiles. “I need to finish decorating.” She raises her hands and moving storm clouds replace the whitewashed wall and the door. She gets a concentrating face and makes the ceiling covered in stars.
I nod. “Nice trick.”
She puts her hands by her side. “Yeah. It’s pretty amazing that I can do this sort of stuff. My powers are weather manipulation, teleportation, visiocryption and aerokinesis.”
I guess people around here introduce themselves by saying their powers. I grin. “Combat, too.”
She shrugs. “Yeah, I guess. What are yours?”
I furrow my brow. “Uh, Shapeshi-- I mean, flight and fire.” I grimace. Aw man. I really need to stop this. I’d be lucky if she doesn’t catch on. But she frowns. I saw her earlier looking at a poster about the progress of their search. To find me. She suddenly looks calmer.

--- Chapter Two ---


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    Johanna and rosemarywisdom have helped a lot! I don't think they have posted their versions, but I hope they will soon. Johanna's character hasn't been introduced yet but her name is Kylie, rosemarywisdom's is Skyler.

    about 3 years ago