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No longer hiding

February 19, 2019


I'm in a closet hiding from you, i look under the door and see your shoe. My heart stops, i try not to breath,i just wish you would stop looking for me. I think your gone so i let out a sigh, but then you slam open the door and i don't know why. You grab me by the hair, do u really not care? I do not cry or make a sound, so u kick me once more then leave me on the ground.
My whole body aches and my head's spinning. I wish it was me who was winning. My mind goes black, I can't see a thing but when i wake your back. Drink in your hand all u do is stare, I want to move but i do not dare. You go on screaming about my disgrace, only leaving after one more blow to the face. I get up and it hurts to move, but to you i had something to prove. I will not give up without a fight, even tho it hurts to stand i give it all i can. I will no  longer live in fear of u, i know i will get through, i will never stop fighting. I am no longer hiding. 


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1 Comment
  • a sprig of pink

    beautifully expressed, quite..depressing told through the simplest of words.

    over 1 year ago