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junior 16 want to become a better writer love art listen to music a lot and I enjoy typing and fixing mistakes for now till I make less in the future. jon bellion for life for now and like to meet new people.

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tell me what you think? what needs done, fixed and how I can do better?


November 28, 2015


Wake up fresh no side of bed, head to start your day if your in the country you'll want to hay days are not the same entertainers go and entertain. Everyday the days and days go on and on so many things to say Depression, Anexiety, Happyness, Excitement Feelings, Emotions, Reasons. Explaining every day this we do further options come to basic minds this mind of mine is a process in a lochness those that believe. some hate some achieve. For who believe will  achieve or they continue till they achieve but also easily forgotten unless often reminded. Also those that hate will go and be unforgotten in anger, hate, filled with rage. Everyday going through the same things if its Feelings, Emotions, physical touch. humans do and don't realize that they Judge a book by its cover even when there fighting or even just being in a regular conversation. Is this a poem or a quote  a statement a demand for something or someone. See even I too can ask a simple question based agaisnt humanity, the human race is one of a kind with more than one reaction. It's what we do everyday we ask more than one question, we have more than one feeling, everyone has more than one choice.


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  • Kalob Wools

    better editing now the past typing is old grammar now you can create a better grammar structure for your future

    about 1 year ago