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May 1, 2018

    Yeah I mentioned this the other day, and I'm not gonna stop: Toy Story 3 is literally the Holocaust as the pink bear, who, in my opinion, plays Hitler, throws poor toys to their deaths in the Caterpillar room, which I think serves as a concentration camp, and not to forget the pain that the toys in the first movie felt, feeling all the agony of Sid taking them apart and putting them back together, it's quite disgusting; and have you guys ever heard of a run-on sentence, well, this is one including the fact that I haven't used a period this entire time, and running low on breath, a lot like the Yeah Boy kid, who I recently learned I can say longer than him, which is pretty cool in my opinion because he says BOY for a loooong time, almost five full minutes, and I'm just now realizing how quickly I changed the topic, from Toy Story to memes, which, are like my life, and my friends, especially Geo's, and I've been speaking for a bit too long, so I should probably wrap it all up, and I would like to thank everyone to came to read this, you are all awesome, and I guess now I must say GOODBYE!!!!!!!


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  • GeoPlayer123YT

    not toy story memes in particular. All memes.

    over 1 year ago