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I am a young writer in high school who writes for the fun of it. The things I love to read/write are fantasy, sci-fi, and cute, fluffy romance stuff.

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I am still a little bad when it comes to spelling and punctuation. However I am trying my best, so please feel free to help me!

Mistakes were made

December 1, 2015

    We were dancing. Just dancing. Everything was beautiful, the way her hair just floated when I spun her, the way her laughs sounded, just like pixies. The barn seemed to glow brighter and brighter, like she brought the sun into the room... speaking of the sun, was it getting hotter in here? I glanced around and stared in horror at what I found. A candle, which had been set on a hay bale by someone stupid (me) was now on fire, and it had spread. And when I say spread, I mean like all over the place. The entire back wall was just fire. Enica was gazing at me confused until she followed were I was looking. Her face turned into one of disappointment and she just turned to me and said one thing.
    “You’re an idiot.”
    There was no arguing about this: it was completely my fault. I had been so enticed by her beauty and elegance that I had placed a freaking candle on a hay bale and now I had burned down my father's prized barn. There was no turning back now, no redoing this point in history. I was done for.
We quickly cleared out of the barn, heading to see where it was spreading to. That was when I realized the house was right next to the burning part of the barn. I facepalmed myself so hard, I knew it would leave a mark. Enica shoved me and yelled at me to call 911. Snapping out of my faze, I moved to grab my phone, only to realize it was in the house. Next to the barn. That was on fire. Enica saw the look on my face and groaned. She took out her own phone and called the police. I said nothing, and just collapsed on the floor. It was just a great day wasn’t it?
And as if the gods heard my silent crying, my little sister peeked her head out of the top floor window. I stared in horror yet again as I realized this 15 year old girl was in a house. Next to a barn. THAT WAS ON FIRE!
    “Whats going on Daniel?” she called out.
    “Get out of the house now!” I screamed up to her. “Dad’s barn is on fire!” She looked to her left and screamed. She looked for a way to get down, but there was no fire escapes at all in the house. I mean who would think to have a fire escape in a house. No one is stupid enough to light a fire in a freaking barn… I am a real idiot.
    By the time the police arrived, my little sister was able to escape the house by jumping into a conveniently tree outside the front window, and our entire house had burned down along with the barn. Enica had not talked to me the entire rest of the night, and my parents practically disowned me. And to think, this all started with me about to propose to my girlfriend.
                                                            Mistakes were made.
Saw this prompt and thought it would be fun. 


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