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November 27, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I know you see my face,
The one I always pull,
When you don't talk to me but to my friends at my table,
And you just brush past it,
Like nothing between us ever happened,
Walking in my direction and making me feel trapped in
This state of mind, this state of mine
That you seemed to not go through.
You moved on but I just can't seem to
Bring myself to help myself enough to do the same,
This mentality slowly but surely driving me insane.
You act like I'm invisible but I know you see me,
You choose to ignore me crying on the floor,
I used to feel waves of missing you but now it's more,
It's a tsunami in my eyes.
The ones that aren't said are the worst kind of "goodbye"s.
"I'm sorry" isn't enough, don't think you're off the leash.
If "sorry" was sufficient, we wouldn't need police.
Don't pay me back in money for all the things I gave you
Try it in time I spent with you, and thinking about you, too.
I should have known better from the start,
And I'm pretty sure I did,
I knew the memories would have been strong,
Not able to have been hid.
You treated me like a cigarette break,
Lit me up then put me out,
When you kept saying "I love you,"
My head was full of doubt.
But my heart's feelings were stronger
and they overpowered my mind.
Was anything you said the truth,
or was everything a lie?


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