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A hero who uses rude gestures

By: dragonmaster09

PROMPT: Monostich

The person she flips off has a heart like a bloodthirsty demon because of his sadistic ways of leading our country  

Message to Readers

If you review please do not be offensive too me

Peer Review

I love the tone in this piece. By making those minor edits in the piece, you will have a better feel in her but you already have a great angry tone. I love that part of it. I also can totally relate to this because we both have the same person leading our country.

You definitely have a very angry and bitter feeling in this piece. Right from the start, I could feel the energy pulsing throughout this whole sentence. It's absolutely perfect. I was caught up by the words and the tone, instantly.

Reviewer Comments

It was so strong and powerful. Your writing style is beautiful. I hope that you continue to write! I think that you can definitely improve as a writer :)