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A Thousand Gunshots.

April 30, 2018

DISCLAIMER: Content may be distressing.

And I believed this place to be my solace,
Somewhere to sit and be bored,
The only worry being the next equation
Or when to turn the page over;

I counted one, two, three of them,
How were there only three?
It sounded more like a thousand...
It replays in my head as a thousand;

It was homeostasis in a changing world,
A pause in our lives until when we left
To make our own futures —
Some of which became nullified;

Sarah wanted to be a psychologist;
Trevor wanted to be an accountant;
Kira couldn't decide, but didn't need to;
Because they all ended up the same;

At first I thought it was clapping
From a distant room
Though applause isn't followed by screaming,
Or diving under our desks for safety;

I was told to be silent, to cooperate,
I was told to listen, to keep my eyes open,
A thousand gunshots rung out somewhere,
But I held onto the dialling phone;

After that things get hazy —
I remember the sensation of warmth
And being told over and over again
That I would be okay;

But terror is never forgotten,
Because my heart still beats —
May never stop beating —
With the sound of those thousand gunshots.
ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: I have thankfully never experienced a school shooting and I hope I never, ever do. I'm extremely sorry for anybody who may have gone through something so tragic.


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  • HyperDucks815

    This is super good. I love it a lot and appreciate it because my school has been threatened by a shooter a couple of time and I understand the fear. I'd appreciate it if you read my piece "The Walkout" Its about the school shooting and the walkout that happened in memory of the 17 that died in February.

    over 3 years ago