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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Nineteen

April 29, 2018


The canal maintenance door lead to a walkway, near the rushing waters of the canal.

”Hey, Cowarldy?” Pyromanic asked,”Why are you so...cowardly?”

”Huh?” Cowardly asked,”Why do you ask?”

“I...I’m just curious,” Was the awnser.

”Well,” Cowardly began,”I guess I was never told what not to be afraid of. I have no clue who my mother is, my dad has been missing for over a decade, and my caretaker never seems to be around much either.”

”So, who’s you’re dad?” Pyromanic asked.

Cowardly’s eyes light up. “The great Cobalt Swordsman!” He said.

”Wait,” Pyromanic said,”Colbalt Swordsman?”

”Yeah!” Cowardly said,”Isn’t he the greatest?”

”Not in the other Swordsman’s eyes...” Pyromanic muttered.

”Amen,” Bearded said,”Where ever that arrogant jerk went to, he better not come back!”

”Arrogant jerk?” Cowardly asked,”But....dad isn’t...”

Suddenly a man sitting next to the wall was seen, mostly because Mustachioed tripped over the man’s legs. It was Explosion Swordsman.

”Oh, hey!” He said,”Good to see you!”

”Hey,” Stealthy said,”I was right!”

“Dad,” Pyromanic hit her father the head,”You were just sitting here?!”

”I was waiting for the solider’s to go away!” Explosion yelled.

”All right, two for two!” Stealthy yelled.

“What soliders?” Pyromanic asked,”Were they with the insurance people?”

”No, not this time,” Explosion said, all to casually,”I think these guys came from a completely different continent.”

”Well, enough of this mystery for now!” Braggart yelled,”Now, Pyromanic, let’s talk payment.”

”What payment?” Pyromanic asked.

”Yes, what payment?” Explosion asked. Braggart suddenly remembered the relationship between the two.

”You know, for,paying for the train ride,” Braggart said,”That we went on together!”

”Hang on, what?” Explosion said.

”Oh, that,” Pyromanic said, as if remembering a bad memory,”What do you have in mind?”

”We go get dinner,” Braggart said.

”Hang on, what?!” Explosion was visibly shaking.

”Okay, I guess that would work...” Pyromanic said.

”HANG ON, WHAT?!” Explosion said, about ready to blow Braggart up. He was hit on the head with a sword.

”Uh, sorry sir.” Cowardly said, sheathing the weapon,”I didn’t want you to have a stroke...”

”Oh it’s okay kid,” Explosion said, getting up,”I needed that. After all, I need to come up with a plan.”


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