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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Eighteen

April 29, 2018


Pherel is a large city, and seeing someone you know a large city is a large coincidence. The group of Swordsman never saw Montreal, Regina, and Edmonton, and vice versa, but both groups were in Pherel at the same time.

”Man, We haven’t been to the capital in a long time,” Regina said.

”I know, the heat must have died down after our last heist,” Montreal said,”It probably helped taht we finally shaved after that.”

”And I had the best beard going on too...” Edmonton said.

”But now, we’re back!” Montreal said,”However, let’s not do anything to risky, we need to lay low. And that means...”

Regina and Edmonton jumped in the air, and yelled,”Haircuts!”

The problem with getting a haircut, they realized, was that their hair was extremely thick. Once, they used their hair as a knife. So they decided, instead of going to a hairdresser, they use swords to cut their hair off.

It went as well as you’d expect. 

Montreal had only two tufts of hair, Regina somehow got more hair, and Edmonton was completely bald.

”You know,” Montreal said finally,”I think we are only here for comic relief.”
They’re figuring it out.


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