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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Seventeen

April 29, 2018


The blast was a lot smaller than the group anticipated, only a fifteen foot wide hole was created. The problem was, a canal wall, one of the major water sources in Pherel, was destroyed, causing minor flooding throughout the city.

”Did your dad do this?” Braggart asked Pyromanic.

”Maybe?” She said,”He never tries to destroy walls though, so you must have had a good reason.”

”Maybe he got attacked?” Stealthy suggested.

”But to cause an explosion?” Bearded wondered out loud,”Would he do that?”

”Maybe a very large rat appeared!” Cowardly said,”Is he scared of rodents?”

”Actually, he is,” Pyromanic said,”He usually tries to blow them up, but I stop him.”

”Or...or maybe, a duck appeared!” Cowardly said.

”Okay, you lost me,” Pyromanic said.

”Maybe a robin appeared!” Braggart laughed.

”No,” Cowarldy said, with the blankest look anyone had ever seen,”That’s stupid.”

”That’s enough,” Mustachioed said,”Where could have Explosion gone?”

”Well,” Stealthy said,”Maybe he hid in a canal tunnel? If he was attacked, I’d hide out in there.”

”Honestly, Ike get so scared, I’d just fall into the water...” Cowardly said.

”It may be worth a look,” Mustachioed said,”It may help to get rid of the less obvious options first.”

And so, they went to the canal mantinence entrance, and hoped their lost comrade was in there.



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