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I am a 16 year old writer seeking opportunities to show off my skills and provide entertainment through the form of words to people all over the globe. One day, I hope to publish my book and aspire, though the chance is small, to be like JK Rowling.

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To other writers who have discovered my profile, welcome! Any feedback, bad or good, is very much appreciated. I hope you enjoy my work and if you want to get in touch, please do.

The taste of winter

November 25, 2015

Slowly it flows through the month of November, the fresh, freezing taste of the last season of the year. It overides the tastes of pumpkin spice and applesauce, that many have come to relate to the season just before. As the night of Halloween passes, decorative pumpkins are replaced by intricate webbings of snowflakes; the ground begins to crunch from the icy tendrils that hold it firmly. A familiar taste of dryness and coldness that seemingly greets everything and everyone each morning and roots itself as always in the very deepest part of one's nose. But it is not just the cold, but the gorgeous, delectable tastes that we ceremoniously celebrate the coming of each year. Mulled wine and hot chocolate are chugged back happily, their tastes of fruits and velvety chocolate satisfying our palates so much, that we must sigh after each sip to reveal our true delight. The fine taste of comforting mince pies that symbolises entrance into the month of December when the count down to the epitome of winter really begins. 

November is the bouncer to the party which December has merrily planned over the past eleven months. If nothing else tastes so rightly of winter then I promise you these will. For winter tastes of laughter, joy, suprise and happiness. Sharing, thoughtfulness and above all, love. Apart from the armorous occasion of Valentine's Day, I do not know of a time where love is as present as during winter. For this season, this beautiful season, is the time of giving and the time of kindness. 

There is no other taste I love quite as much as the taste of winter.


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