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I think this will work

April 29, 2018

last night I met my girlfriend's family,
(we've been together two weeks)
I sat beside her, at the diner table
and across from her little sister,
and we kept smiling at each other, in brief flashes,
because though no one else knew
our knees and feet brushed against each other
under the table;
her house is on the water
and the moon was out in full
so we could watch as it competed
with the houses across the bay
to dominate the darkness with its light;
and our hands are the exact same size,
I know because she held hers up to mine
and I traced the veins along it
and tuned out everything but the warmth of her fingers
in tangent and twindom with my own;
she said to me, in the last quiet moment before I had to go
"I think this will work."
I responded "I hope so," but,
I think she's right,
I think this will work.


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