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swallows 29/04

April 29, 2018

hold yourself heavy on the windowsill    dear
​I once heard a tale of a girl who learned     to fly:
​she learned through books how     to build;
​the mechanics of wings    and winged things
​and she built them herself     out of
​burnished wood, the floorboards     of her room,
​and ash, and wax    that dripped
​from the candle    like rain,
​and she watched     the swallows
​rippling in distortions across     the sky,
​and she thought it beautiful - so she    jumped
one day, she took herself    to the hills
​in a taxi and she jumped from them     like a bird, and
they talked to the taxi man after,     quite seriously,
​about what they called     'the incident',
​and her parents too, and the people called     her friends:
now how is it that a girl    can learn to fly
​and nobody can notice, not even     a bit,
and what oddities and obscenities     made her do it,
​and moreover, what was she thinking     that spring morning
when with one full stroke she threw herself     from the hills
​into the air and disappeared     like dust
​into a swallow, a black speck     cartwheeling across
​the horizon?


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