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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Fifteen

April 29, 2018


“Uh, is he all right?” A Swordsman asked Mustachioed Swordsman.

”Yes,” Mustachioed said,”He is just scared of trains.”

The person they were referring to was Cowardly Swordsman, who was busy cowering on his seat on th train.

”N-not that I-I-I mind,” Cowarldy said, in a way that showed he did mind,”But w-w-why are we on a train?”

”We’re off to find Explosion Swordsman,” The Swordsman next to Mustachioed, Beared Swordsman said,”He went missing somewhere in the capital.”

”Wait, what?” Cowardly straightened up,”The guy that shot me out of the cannon?”

”Indeed,” Mustachioed said,”He went to get some more explosives. There was also a large explosion in the center of the city. He may have been involved.”

”Come on!” Stealthy Swordsman, who trained under Beared Swordsman, said,”I always wanted to see the capital!”

”Now, now,” Bearded Swordsman waves his hand,”I need you three to be.”

”Wait three?” Mustachioed asked,”Oh. That was a low blow, brother...”

And with that, a new ridiculous quest began.


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