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I love writing! Whether it's nonfiction, fiction, (well, okay, mostly fiction), screenplays, plays, music, poetry, I will write it. Please review my writing!

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This is supposed to be a sample of a love story. The first real love story I've ever tried writing. Tell me what I can improve, please

a Train Will Come

November 24, 2015


    It had been almost a year since he had left on the train. At this station. Emily visited it every morning, every evening, to see if the train would come back. Of course, they wrote letters. But each was less romantic than the next. But now the letters seldom came once a month. She tried to remember his smile—the smile that had haunted her head for so, so long—but even that was fading. 
    Emily knew that today would be the same as every day. Waiting at the station. Losing hope. Finding it again. Waiting. Waiting for the train that carried her lover. Waiting for a train that she needed to see. She was losing faith. 
    A trained stopped. Was this the train? She saw many of them getting off first. But she didn't see him. She was just about to leave when she saw a smile more bright and illuminated then ever before. His smile. The smile that had haunted her head for  so, so long. She thought at first that it was her imagination. But was it? Was a smile, so, so real, not really there?
    She looked him in the eye. His eyes where like shards of broken, clear glass. She embraced him. She felt his touch, and the pulse of his heart. His steady breath. She knew he was real. Was this the moment she had dreamed of? Was this what she had  hoped for? And lost hope for?
    It was real now. He was here. And she said it. The words she had longed to say since he boarded the train. The words she had longed to say for almost year. The words she had longed to say for what was her forever.
    "I love you."


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