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Shade keeps away the heat but then how would you grow

April 28, 2018


I bet it feels nice knowing you don't have to stay up with me
Because I can't sleep knowing how I felt
and you’re asleep not dreaming about me 
And now when I smoke it's in slow motion
It was the only thing you told me to stop
There's no point now
Trying to stop the poison coursing through my veins for someone I loved
I thought I could keep it all in.....but...
The only one I'm hurting is myself 
Is what I tell myself to just be happy
I'm not strong enough to survive
The worst part is it's starting to happen again
Falling in love without a thought
As if it was possible not to 
My eyes see without a second look
Hoping this might be the last chapter in a very sad book 
The first time I knew my feelings coule be true
was the day I first met you 
But when will I realise it's not worth chasing the ones that turn and walk away?
By the time you start running it's far too late
Stuck on the wrong side of a locked gate 
to a private park 
Where the whole story wasn’t supposed to end 
But it did 
It ended there


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