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The Spirit I've Become

November 24, 2015


    Dracula's Castle is a mystery. Many owners leave this place, because they’re scared. Why are they scared of this place? It’s not because of Dracula himself, no its because of much darker force sent from the devil himself, it is I. They are scared of me, because i'm not human, in matter of fact i’m not living. I am a evil spirit they call me, a dark ghost, what’s the word they call me, oh yes, demon. Yes, I lived and died I am in the afterlife with the angels and spirits. Sometimes I wish I could be a spirit, but I can’t think about it for very long or else I will get depressed. I can’t be depressed i’m a demon. You humans, know we exist but you don’t want to believe we do. Yes, I am evil, I do scratch people because that is all I know to do. You have to understand that I was sent to the devil by my sins, my mistakes, my killings. Yes, I did take lives and I did go to prison and I didn't feel remorse, because they pushed me over my limit. Sometimes I regret it, but then if I didn’t I wouldn’t be a demon. That was years ago, decades ago, centuries ago. I can hardly remember my life now. I made myself a demon unfortunately.  Enough of my past, let's get to the part when I battled with the Ghost Adventures crew.
Scaring the living is easy but the Ghost Adventures crew was the hardest to scare. I think it was because they have dealt with so many demons and spirits that you have use pretty much use all of your energy to do something that will scare them and that is sad for a demon because we have a lot more energy than spirits. It’s a gift from satin to scare and harm the living. Ghost Adventures has a weapon of their own, experience. They know how to fight me, how to keep me out of them. They apparently didn’t particularly like me. I don’t think they like demons and evil spirits.
    Zak Bagans, the lead investigator as they call him, hates spirits and demons that hurt the living. I honestly don’t see a problem with it, because that is our job. We either do it or the devil will make sure you perish. I hope he realizes that. Aaron is the other investigator and their equipment tech.  Billy and Jay analyze all the evidence they get. I’m getting ready to tell you the story, but before I do I need to tell you something about Zak and the crew. I am a demon and I’m not supposed to respect anyone that is living, but I will always respect every single member of the Ghost Adventures crew, because they locked themselves in this castle for an entire night with a demon and put up one epic fight against me, that no other living being can do at all. So, here it is.
    It was a nice, calm romanian night at Dracula’s Castle, which legend says is the home of the first vampire. I thought I was finally all by myself, but I was wrong there is four guys with cameras and audio recorders. At first I didn’t know what they were doing here at night with all of this equipment, but then it hit me. They are here to investigate the castle for ghosts, spirits, demons, me. Why now? Why here? Why me? I wondered.  I had to calm myself down. I’m supposed to scare them, but right now they are scaring me. I don’t know what to do I wasn’t expecting them at all. Stay calm, Demitria, stay calm. They are like all the other people I scare everyday. It's perfectly fine. Zak walks into the castle followed by Aaron and Billy. Zak decides to taunt me by saying,” Are you so lonely that you get so bored that you just scratch people or are so angry that you just have to take it out on innocent people that didn't deserve it. So, if you can scratch them you can scratch me, because I'm not scared of you demon. You need to stop scratching people because it not cool it's not funny it makes you look like a complete jerk so go ahead scratch me come on do it.” That was a war calling to me and right then and there I knew that this is not going to be easy.They were serious about capturing me with their equipment. They came here for evidence, not to play around with me.
    They went around the castle asking questions. I wanted to communicate with them really bad, but there was a problem. I had no more energy I used all of it last night. Now, i needed to find a energy source and fast. I could get energy from Aaron, Billy, or Zak. I can also get some from a small animal,electronics,storms, or from the memories from the past that has been soaked up into the walls, which is called the stone tape theory. I stop and look around for an energy source. I found one. It’s Zak’s camera. I will get energy and they will be blind for a little bit, haha. So, I run over to Zak and steal the energy out of his camera. Zak freaks out and Aaron gets excited because i stole energy from the camera. After, the team calms down, Billy pulls out something from his pocket. They call it a spirit box. I have never seen anything like it before. It sweeps the radio frequencies in real time backwards. Spirits can manipulate this device to say something.  I go over to the spirit box and say “Demon.” Zak gets super excited then asks for my name. Then, I say “ Demitria.” Then, something remarkable happens, Zak compliments me. He told me that i was the nicest demon he had meant. I froze and didn’t know what to do. I slowly walked up to the spirit box and simply said “Thank you, it really means alot to me.” Zak, Aaron, and Billy stopped, froze. All the sudden, a light appeared from the darkness. I looked up and a voice said “ Your soul is now pure demon. You are now free of you curse of working for the devil. You’re a spirit now. We, angels, will love to make you an angel but with your past we can’t. Enjoy being a spirit Demitria.”
        The next morning, Zak slowly walks into the castle by himself with a spirit box. He takes one step into the castle and stops. He looks at the spirit box, then he looks up. He slowly focuses his attention to the spirit box. He turns it on  and hesitates. Then, he says sorrowfully, “ Demitria what you said last night touched my heart. There has never been a spirit that has told me that throughout my whole career. It told me that I’m doing my job of helping out spirits feel that lonely. I wanted to say thank you and your welcome.” Zak looks up unaware that I’m right there. He turns away . He was getting ready to walk out when i went to the spirit box   very fast and said “ Zak, I was a demon but you helped me become a spirit. I will always have respect for you and the other members of the team. I will be delighted to see you guys again, talk to you again. I love you guys as friends and I will be there for you.” Zak stopped, looks at me still unaware that I’m practically in his face right now, and said “ thank you again and goodbye.” I didn’t want to say goodbye not quite yet. What’s the point in having a friend if you can’t see them. Zak turns away. I act fast to get his attention. He still hasn’t turned on the spirit box yet. I scream at the top of my lungs “ zak, wait.” He stops in mid step. I tell him to turn around. He turns around to see me. Not as a demon, but as a spirit, as a friend. He freezes. Then he tells me that I look beautiful. I stop and say thank you Zak not so bad yourself. Then, I said the final goodbye.
That was the story of my battle with the Ghost Adventures team. I feel like they left knowing that they changed me into something good. They came in expecting a monster but they got a scared misunderstood demon. They made me feel loved,full of happiness, and not left out. Now, I walk this castle wondering what to do next. Wondering where Zak and the crew are. I know they are out there with their families. They may be traveling the world helping the afterlife and the living get rid of demons. Now, that I am a spirit I hate demons. I realize that what they do is horrible. when I see one I fight them, but I do not want to fight them alone. I want to fight them with Ghost adventures.  
All the sudden I hear a familiar voice. The one I've been waiting for all these years. I hear the familiar laughter of Aaron. They're here finally. They remembered me. I run out the castle to find that they are filming for a T.V. show. I stop and listen to Zak saying the words that gave me a heart, a soul. He saying “ We are back to this castle that spoke to our hearts. To visit a spirit that we love and adore to this day. Her name is Demetria. She is the first spirit to tell us very kind words. We are now going to play you the words she said that spoke to our hearts.”
They investigated again and I loved it. I don't want to leave this castle, but I want to leave with Zak. I made the biggest decision of my afterlife. I'm leaving Dracula’s Castle to protect Zak from demons and evil spirits. Why? There is something he said, that he did to me too. He spoke to my heart.


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