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The Politics of an Industrialized World: Chapter One

April 27, 2018


With factories comes jobs, with jobs comes money, with money comes services, with services come a need of money, and with a need of money come a need for jobs. This is the simple circle of life in the world, and with any disturbance, the balance of the circle can be destroyed.

A perfect example of the circle in full effect is the Military State of Carlonia, an island nation where poverty is at an all time low. The nation’s head of state General Gerard Shire, knew full well how the circle of the world works, and that disturbances in his nation can ruin said nation. He was a master of crushing disturbances as soon as they cropped up. 

When he came to power in 1884, Carlonia had abolished it’s incompetent monarchy. General Shire was had of the of the effort to rid Carlonia of it’s corrupt leaders, so he became Military Leader of the the Military State of Carlonia. Now, Carlonia’s people live under the illusion they are free, with the Military Police watching the people’s every move. 

Now, twenty six years after his rise to power, General Shire faces a problem he knew he should have solved a years ago, the legalization of civilians using weapons. Many a paranoid person thought they should have the ability to protect themselves from danger, despite the police being incredibly efficient in their jobs. General Shire came tot he concluded the paranoia of these people needed to be silenced, for it could be a disturbance to the circle.


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  • Ss

    That makes so much sense now! I actually thought the country of Carlonia was real (until i googled it). Kind of feel stupid now. But the story was really interesting.

    about 2 years ago
  • Lee Fudge

    Uh, I was just saying Carlonia’s government is manipulative. I did it mean to connect it to the real world.

    about 2 years ago
  • Ss

    I really liked this piece, it was informative and eye opening. But can I ask you a question? When you said,"Carlonia’s people live under the illusion they are free..." could it also be possible that we live under the illusion that they are not free? Who are we to judge another's illusion when we may be living in one ourselves?

    about 2 years ago