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Luke's Backstory

By: CreativeAngel


    Luke Castellan. The evil mastermind that pretended to be Percy Jackson's friend in The Lightning Thief and in the end betrayed him. Luke kidnapped Annabeth Chase in The Titan's Curse only for Percy to come get her. During the Battle of the Labyrinth, Luke supported Kronos to try and wake him from his coffin containing his pieces. Percy, Annabeth, and Rachel Elizabeth Dare traveled through the labyrinth using Rachel's sight to guide them. Luke planned on attacking Camp Half-Blood using a secret passage to the labyrinth behind a rock in the woods. Daedalus was in the center and they planned on taking Ariadne's string. In the end, they lost once they battled at camp. In The Last Olympian he slowly took his form in Kronos' body. He bathed in the River of Lethe making him invincible like Achilles but he also had a weak spot under his armor, under his arm, the most guarded space. Kronos would switch back and forth between Luke and himself. Once on Mount Olympus, remembering the promise he made after hurting Annabeth, he took the knife he had given her and killed himself preventing Kronos from taking his full form.
    So what i decided to happen next is this..
    Luke ended up in Isles of Blest because this was his third time dying after trying for rebirth. No one knew about this. The judges gave Luke an option to live one final last time and to continue his last life. He accepted it. His plan was to die heroically.
Luke had been turned to shimmering golden dust and headed to the place he died. The bottom of Mount Olympus. From there he saw a skeleton. The skeleton was his personal guard that was waiting to find out what to do. Luke made a plan to get back at Percy Jackson and make sure Annabeth Chase never forgot that her first and true love was him, Luke Castellan. So Luke plans on kidnapping and murder stuff including much torture. 
    His actions will take place through my Percabeth series!

So this is the story of how Luke escaped the Underworld and still supports the bad side.

Peer Review

The line where he plots evil, obviously! I have to admit, I was surprised by that.

Intrigue. I want to find out more.


Reviewer Comments

Great work! This was an interesting introduction to a future subplot, although there were a few confusing places. Also, technically it's not a backstory because it takes place after the canon, not before it, so I'd change the title. Other than that, nice job!