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Hey everyone, first let me just say thanks for reading my writing! If you'd like to leave me some feedback it is much appreciated, however please do not leave comments like "you spelled this wrong" or "you're missing a comma here". I would rather be criticized on the content rather than the grammar.


December 5, 2014

PROMPT: Open Prompt


The world is so beautiful, I thought, staring at the sunrise. The trees were nothing but a black silhouette against the sky, but their simplicity made the daily phenomeon even more wondorous. But the true detail was in the colors. The way the reds and pinks and oranges blended together like a watercolor painting would make any artist envious. Sitting from my postition on the hill, I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. I opened my eyes and exhaled. My breath appeared as a puff of white in the cold air of late autumn. I stood and shoved my hands in the pockets of my fleece jacket and jogged down to where my car waited. I turned on the heat and looked in my rearview mirror. My nose was red and so were the tips of my ears. Soon it would be too cold to enjoy nature's artwork from my own little spot on the hill. Putting my foot on the gas, I drove away. I didn't notice the bird streaking across the firery canvas, like an arrow flying towards it's target.

I hated the cubicle. There were no windows and far too many people surrounded me. Some days I felt like I couldn't breath. Still I went about my day, answering phones and typing on the ancient computer until it was time to go home. Walking through the parking lot, something small and white fell from the sky. Then another, and another, and another. I smiled to myself and hurried to unlock my car door. First snow of the season.

The snow had started coming down heavier as I continued my drive home. As if driving in a blizzard wasn't good enough, the highway was backed up. I banged my head on the steering wheel in frustration. Ten minutes. Twenty. Thirty. Finally! We're moving again- red light. After the painfully long commute I collasped on my living room couch just to be greeted by my greyhound.

"Ack!" I exclaimed as she began furiously licking my face, "Down." She just looked at me with this goofy dog grin on her face and wagged her tail. I sighed and pushed her off me. Not seeming to mind, she curled up and my feet and looked at me with those big brown eyes that had made me take her home as a puppy. Reaching for the remote, I turned on the television before drifting off to sleep.

Through bleary vision I looked at my kitchen clock. It was seven o'clock. I jumped up, accidentally knocking my dog off the couch. She whined in protest as I begin scrambling to get dressed for work. Throwing on some jeans and a sweater I scrambled around, looking  for the car keys. Finding them in the pocket of my coat, I quickly ran to take the dog outside before leaving. She frolicked happily in the snow as I stared in awe at the new frozen world that had formed miraculously overnight. As I sat in my cubicle that day, I thought, Life is no picnic. But I knew that sometimes good can come from bad. Not always, but sometimes when the world seems to be throwing it's worst at you, it will sprinkle in a bit of wonder at the end. Just when you feel like giving up.

Sorry if you think it's a little cheesy. I just wrote something a bit more depressing and thought I'd try something a bit happier.


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