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March 19, 2018

PROMPT: Open Prompt

The drums in the sky are banging,
like they’re announcing a
war approaching from the distant hills.
Echoing across the equator,
the earth below your feet shaking
so greatly that you know in your bones
that the people millions of miles away
can feel it too.
The sky is on fire for
seconds at a time.
Just flashes that illuminate the sky
more than the stars ever could.
The sky shows its jagged scars
in the these precious few moments
where we see her healed wounds
and the marks they left.
The sky is beautiful
with her freckles
and scars
and her emotions that refused to be
caged like a show animal in a circus.
When she rages we feel it;
we tremble with the earth
and we weep with our sky
to let her know she is not alone
and maybe
maybe because we need someone
to weep with us
so we too could know
that we are not alone.


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