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Hunter Crum

Scene #2

September 29, 2014

PROMPT: Open Prompt


The clock was ticking down and I was beginning to worry. My team had never lost a game, not once over the last two years And yes it was my team. I was our star point guard averaging 25 points a game and I had led my team to the new york state championship game in Madison square garden for the second year in a row. We were down by 5 with a minute left and our center, Al, passed me the ball from the baseline. I dribbled down the court and called play #1 by holding my fist in the air and calling “Indiana!” It was a pick and roll and Al set me a hard pick and I drove my man off.I quickly hop-stepped back to the 3 point line. I went up with a shot and my defender tried his best to recover but to no avail. --Swish. We were only down by 2 now.
We set back up on defense into our classic 2-3 zone. James and I were up top, followed by Al in the middle and Bryce and Brock on the wing down low. Their point guard took the ball up while their coach was calling a play. The game felt like it was going in slow motion, and I could feel the ball hitting the ground. Then, James made a move for the ball, swiping at it and knocking the ball forward. I sprinted down the court towards the hoop and James lobbed me an alley oop pass. I finished with a strong layup over my defender. Tweeeet! “And one!” I yelled. “NIce shot!” James yelled as i walked towards my coach, who had just called a timeout. “That’s a heck of a play!” Coach Daniel exclaimed in his instructive voice, “but we have to finish this game out, I wanna see some strong defense in these last few seconds, and lets make this freethrow.”
I was going to the line for the final free throw. I had practiced this shot countless times, always thinking about this moment. Thump thump thump-- my heart beat as the ref handed me the ball. I looked up in the crowd and I saw the screaming fans with their hands up, giving me the magic touch. Thump thump thump-- as I spun the ball in my hands. I found the grooves in the leather and began the motion that would make or break our season. My shot went up and-- swish.


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