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Special Piece, Death Versus Peter

April 25, 2018


“One is the casual collector of souls of the world, the ther is a corrupt defense attorney! Welcome to Terrible Competition Night, where we pit two characters against each other!”

Peter Reinart walked in, cleaning his glasses. Death just kinda floated to his spot. 

“Due to being a complete idiot, Reinart challenged Death to this competition,” The Announcer said.

”Oh yeah!” Reinart yells,”I’m gonna sue you so hard!” 

“Dude,” Death said,”After this you wanna play video games or something?”

”Peter Reinart, standing at exactly six feet, and weighing at at two hundred thirty pounds, will be facing off against Death, standing at five feet, ten inches, and weighing in at zero, in three random challenges!” 

The first challenge was a staring contest

”Uh, we kinda have a problem here...” Death said.

“What would that be?” The Referee asked.

”I’m a skeleton,” Death said,”I don’t have eyes.”

How will this get resolved? Find out....next time!

”Hey who’s that talking?” Peter asked.


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