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souviens-toi de nous

April 25, 2018

remember us. 
remember our skin touching skin lips touching lips hands touching hands hearts touching hearts
in a world where that touching will be okay. 
in a world where my skin touching hers lips touching hers hands touching her heart touching hers
will be perfectly fine and the words of her father
won't be the sounds of anger and abandonment she hears every time he opens his mouth
and when i tell my friends that i told my parents
the first thing they feel is fear instead of joy
because what if i have to live with them now

you're a girl or a boy or a person who is neither or both or some or anything
and when you tell your friends you told your parents
the first thing they feel is 
"cool. wanna go get pizza?"
instead of fear and stress

because right now my skin touching hers means a yell
and my lips touching hers means a slap
and every "i love you" is quiet and whispered when he's not near
and you're sitting on the train wondering if you should put a heart next to her name
because what if someone sees
or what if somehow the people near you will just know
and you don't put the heart next to her name

so remember us when you can put a heart next to their name
and scream i love you from a balcony 
and kiss her in the street
and you don't care if anyone knows
remember us, because we can't wait to be free


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