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I write sometimes and like feedback.
That is all.

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I hope you think of me
Still as your friend
I hope you love yourself
Your body and heart
I hope you feel happy
That's all I want

green -cavetown

Tiger Lily

April 25, 2018


Free, wild, dancing under the dark shadowy oak,
Happy, young, laughing by the pebble-filled brook,
Splashing, in ankle deep water,
Skirts raised, Denim jeans rolled up,
Hollers of squeals, shouts of joy,
The plait loosens and is pulled undone,
Hair is wild and tangly,
Spring daisies and buttercups hang in chains,
Around her neck and hair,
As does he, though less happy
Sisters dance around her like fairies, 
The boys make a fire of roaring flames,
Far from the rules of society,
They become one with the world.


Night falls across the still land,
Gathering baskets of food they leave,
She halts and feels the urge to run,
Here she is wild, here she is free,
Stars and fireflies reflect in her orbs,
She prances barefoot,
Tiger Lily, Tiger Lily,
Oh how she races through the shrubs,
Like a deer she leaps,
Like a butterfly she flies,
Then, she loses footing,
And falls,
Tumbles and rolls,
Fumbles and falls,
Where to?
Nobody knows.



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