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Emotional Wrecks: Chapter Six

April 25, 2018


The Whitesuits were in their headquarters, which was just Alexander’s house. They all sat on his bedroom floor, with a binder in their hands.

”All right,” Horace said,”I can hit up all the convenience stores in the downtown area, since I live there anyway....”

Richard held up a map of the school. “I can wait be the cafeteria delivery area,” He suggested.

”No that won’t work,” Thomas pointed at the map,”Mr. Conrad parks his car near there.”

”Indeed,” Dwight said,”I have the keys to the gym, maybe Richard could wait for Horace there?”

”No,” Richard said,”I don’t have a PE class until the end of school, it’d look suspicious if I was there.”

“I can tell Mr. Conrad there’s an animal near his parking spot, we co-“ Alexander was wou”d have finished, but was interrupted by his mother entering the room.

”You got mail!” She said.
”What?” Alexander asked,”It’s 5:40!”

”Well,” Alexander’s mom said,”My popular little man is quite ungrateful to accept letters!”

“It’s not that I’m not...” Alexander just stopped there, he knew it was pointless,”Does it say who it’s from?”

Alexander’s mom looked at the envelope. “It says...” She squinted,”That can’t be right. It looks like it says ‘Condiment Bros’?”

All the Whitesuits dropped what they were holding.

”Oh, so you know them?” 

“Very well,” Alexander said. He went to get the letter.

”Can I meet them?” Alexander’s mom asked.

”Mom!” Alexander said. His mom left soon afterward.

”Dang it,” Alexander said,”What he heck do those idiots want?”


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