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Hi! This song is about my obnoxiously obnoxious Internet friend. Any feedback would be appreciated :)

Pangea: A Somewhat Scientifically Accurate Love Song

April 24, 2018


I wish we lived back in Pangea
Cuz I could walk over to you 
We'd do all that standard couple stuff
That standard couples do

We'd hold hands as we watch evolution
Of life on this big ball of blue
Kiss as cells multiply
And dinosaurs die
In a prehistoric zoo


But there would be giant insects
And reptiles thirsty for blood
And as we stare at the sky
Watching clouds pass us by
We'd get fossilized in the mud


So now I'm just sitting here waiting
For a text I will never recieve
You're an ocean away
And my night is your day
But I'm honestly kinda relieved

Though a plane ticket's much too expensive
And you're off in a faraway place
Texting is just fine
I would not rewind time
If a raptor could eat off my face



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