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hey, i'm Jo.
(don't own pic)
i love so many things,
forest colors
navy blue
sun yellow
caramel and vanilla in my coffee
chocolate covered berries
feeling pretty
wanting to find the right guy

love you guys...

Message to Readers

P.S. Read it slow-ish or some of the sentences won't make as much sense:)

On Wings of Hope...

April 23, 2018

    Lovely world,
    I hope you've learned from your mistakes. Whether anyone reads this is no matter, for the stars will remember every word, and it will come back one day. 
    The things I know are few compared to the vast color of the Earth, yet I will do my best to give you those few things to remember. You might think it's old, you might think it's cliche, you might think it's boring, but give me one minute of your life. Maybe it'll mean something. 
    Keep your memories close, the small smiles that anyone shares, the tiny details you might never recognize. Remember how the sun sparkles on the snow, one day, maybe it won't happen anymore. Keep in mind each time you become fire and start to burn on anything that's in your way, maybe one day, you'll know how you should have put it out. Keep the picture of each time it rains, and the clouds that disappear, the smell of wet soil. You never know what comes next. Recognize your true fears, and learn from them. Cherish each moment spent with the people you love. Write down every story. Memorize every color. Keep imagining any piece and part of the dreams you want to make happen. You might change the world for the better. Careful with the books that might be in good shape now, but falling apart when they really matter. Watch the little sparrows, who flit from branch to branch who don't have what you have, the color, the scents, the people, the shelter, yet everything they do, they do with the utmost hope. 
    What a wonderful word.
    I know it will live on through generations, because no one deserves to die without knowing hope. Each day, remember that hope is still living on in the hearts of every loving person in the world. In the souls of every living thing in all the universes. Hope should not be taken lightly, hope can move mountains, hope can shape stars, hope is the colors that we see every day, and the light of the entire world because hope, hope is what brings us on. We step forward into the rays of the sun with the hope that fills our lungs with the breath of every new life, of every blooming flower, of every gently blowing wind, because this hope is the dreams of people to come. 
    Soon, hope will curl around hearts and fill our minds with the blood of new beginnings where this hope can turn into reality. Where this hope will shape the next generation when we stand up, step up, and bring real ideas to the table. Ideas will turn into diagrams and blueprints and formulas where hopehope brought this world to the stars. 
    The only thing I have left is to hope that the generations to come will pick up a pencil, and start to write, or draw, a way into a new life. A life where people actually try to find the solutions to their problems and think about the consequences to their actions. I wish I could be there to help you through, with the knowledge of what my generation has done.

On wings of hope, I know you'll fly,
A girl lined with paper, and bloody ink, scratching stories to remember into her heart.


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