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Everyday I write (and write). From little one scene stories to huge essays, I am always writing something. Apart from writing, I spend my time researching different times and places in history. :)

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First, thanks for reading my writing! If you would like to review, please just refrain from being completely rude about the piece. I would like honest, blunt feedback, but just don't say something that is not helpful to improving the writing. Also, if there is a grammatical mistake, you can notify me about it, but if it is an error that is adding to the story, don't worry about it. I probably already know about it! Thanks again, sorry for going on for so long!

The Vegetarian's Leather Satchel

September 24, 2014

Siblings, Abigail Luisella, age 12 & Benjamin Warren, age 15, from Concord Massachusetts, leather satchel contents:

-$38.69, in all American currencies ranging from colonial pounds to 2014 bills -a spiral notebook, filled with names and birthdays -a vegetarian's cookbook -Hanes socks - pocket Jeopardy!
-acne cream -a black and white mini portrait, circa. 1883 -a 2009 Blackberry -a slip of paper with the letters, I, L, and C written on it -a worn copy of Back to the Future

I combined two characters I have been dabbling with, since they are, in fact, brother and sister, and this satchel holds equally Abigail's things, as Benjamin's, so I grouped them together.


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