Peer Review by Riley Noel (United States)

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By: ollieollie

To Whomever this may be addressed:

Do Your best to maintain whatever small amount of innocence You have left. 2018 is a strange time. Morals are changing. Laws. Lives. And life is getting simultaneously longer and shorter at the same time. Children grow up faster every day. So I am going to leave You with this list of things that are important, but that are also disappearing in this time of rapid change. Look them up. Tell Your friends about them. And hopefully You'll come to understand why they are so important.
    - The Written Word: We write all the time. My generation sends texts, DMs, and emails. Who knows what You are using now. But most people have forgotten the simplicity and sincerity that comes with sending someone a letter. Writing someone a note. There is something about uneven handwriting and smeared ink that carries a magic; a life that sterile type doesn't have. Try it.
    - Holding the door: Chivalry may be an old fashioned concept, but this applies to everyone. Common courtesy is also disappearing, which is unfortunate, because it builds integrity. So hold the door for someone. Even if they are on their phone and don't say thank you. Do it because You know that You did something kind.
    - Sports in the Street: Yes, there are video games, VR, or whatever new form of entertainment You use, but go outside and get some Vitamin D. Better yet, make some friends in your neighborhood. Don't isolate yourself inside your home. Talking to someone, laughing, getting dirty and scraped up - it's how we build up ourselves and our skills with other people. 
    - Petting Strangers' Dogs: Be sure to ask first, but see if it's friendly. Ask the owner questions. Make a new friend. Let the joyful trust of a pet make your day better, even if it isn't yours.
    - Live: This is not a closed list. Do what Your soul compels you to do. Breathe in the air that this world offers and take Your day and make something of it. Don't go to bed thinking that your day was completely bad. If You laughed, if You smiled, then the day was worth living. Surround Yourself with people that make You laugh and smile.

    In a world that condemns mistakes, don't forget what makes You human.

Good luck! I'm rooting for You.

Message to Readers

I think our society now lacks the joy of simplicity. I hope that future generations don't forget it.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Peer Review

Yes, by so beautifully showing the future reader what is disappearing from our modern world and asking them to hold on to our past you created a beautifully balanced piece.

I think the future reader will be excited to read about their past and learn things that were important to the writer.

Reviewer Comments

Awesome job!!