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mexican dyke: part i

April 20, 2018


out of all the things i've been called
mexican dyke
maybe was my favorite
maybe those two words that fit together-
or that i'm neither

no mexican blood in me
solo chilena
and when they call me those words
i can taste the fog on my lips
and i can hear the ocean rumbling

te acuerdas
cuando tu te acercaste al mar
y yo grite
porque era una nena

y el mar parecia el diablo

but the words were wrong
and i knew it the moment the tide reached my toes and the rain started to fall
and i screamed into the sea
and it rumbled an answer

o talves era cuando encontre
le sangre de santiago en 
el azucar flor de tu cocina
cuando terminaste las sopaipillas
o las montañas
esperando su corazon

i like the words mexican dyke because they let me go: no
this is what i am
sopaipillas y azucar flor
y la niña con
agua de oceano de sangre
haven't written in spanish in awhile, so excuse any errors :)


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