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Percabeth-Tartarus' Revenge

April 26, 2018


    Annabeth had tried standing and Percy caught her just before her head hit the floor of his cabin. Meanwhile, Everyone was coming back inside looking really happy. They all entered to find Annabeth in his arms. Percy gently set her down on the bed running his hand though her soft blonde hair. The last one to enter was Jason Grace. Percy hardened and started glaring. Luckily for him everyone had forgot about the cuts on his wrists and he carefully hid his secret away. Hazel was the only other person who could get near Percy when he was angry-except for Annabeth. Leo and Piper looked quizzically from Annabeth to Percy who stood protectively in front of her standing between the bed and his friends. He gave Frank a questioned look not softening his glare as Hazel came up and whispered in his ear. Jason was looking down at his shoes ashamed as Nico awkwardly stood next to him not sure what to do. 
"So Percy, i'm really, really, very sorry from the bottom of my heart i didn't know that i envied you so much but it has dawned on me that i am very jealous of you though i should not have been but anyways i'm sorry and i hope you will forgive me but i can understand if you won't and i hope Annabeth will accept my apology." Jason said his apology speech glancing up a couple times to see Percy whose glare softened by the second. Percy laughed.
"What? Did i do something?" Jason said looking worried. Everyone else looked just as confused.
"Dude i don't speak big words. Annabeth here," The mood dropped as Percy glanced at her on his bed.
"She would definitely accept your apology. I've accepted your apology as well. Though you really just need to say sorry nothing else." 
"Wait so you forgave me" Jason blinked as if he was dreaming.
"Thanks man"
"Don't mention it"
"Uh guys if you finished your little bromance moment can we just say what happened to Annabeth and how did she get in Percy's arms." Piper said raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow in question.
"Oh Annabeth woke up while you guys were gone. She looked at me and said my name and when i saw her she was falling and i just caught her. I was actually about to leave when you guys came in and immediately turned around when her eyes opened. She tried standing but it looked like she had a headache or was dizzy so i grabbed her before she fell and set her on the bed and..she didn't wake up yet."
"Oh wow that's what happened" Piper said surprised like the others.
"N-no no" Annabeth muttered.
"Annabeth?" Percy held Annabeth.
"No, no, No"
"Annabeth wake up you're okay Annabeth"
"No Tartarus get away from me! I will not support you get away. I wanna wake up i'm not dying!"
Annabeth shot up drenching in sweat to find everyone standing around her bed (technically Percy's bed). She was breathing heavily as she laid her head on Percy's chest as he hugged her tight. Percy looked at Nico and he got the message that they needed some time alone. Percy and Nico were really good friends even if they had some troubles between them.
"Hey Hazel, Frank let's go.. uh" Nico stuttered.
"Practice sword fighting yea let's go come on" Hazel said dragging Frank and Nico by the arm out the door.
The rest got the message as well.
"Imma go check the engine and navigation route so you too lovey pairs don't do anything naug-" Leo said wiggling his eyebrows. Piper stopped him by covering his mouth and pulling him out of the room as Jason followed behind. 
"Welp" Percy didn't know what to say especially since Annabeth was still sweating and he didn't want her to worry anymore.
"So i was having this..nightmare"
"Well, Tartarus.." Annabeth glanced at Percy "and it was well, he kinda, wanted me to forget you and tried to turn me against you. I have a bad feeling that he's gonna do something to me and-" Percy stopped her putting his index finger against her soft pink lips.
"Annabeth i would never let anything touch you or hurt you. My life is your life. As long as you live i live, when you're hurt then i'm hurt"
Annabeth thought to herself how great it was to have Percy.
"Okay Seaweed Brain i'm tired for now and i'm not getting up so either go to my cabin and sleep or carry me there because i am so not getting up." Annabeth made herself comfortable as she used Percy's pillows and blankets.
"Actually no" Percy said smirking his evil little grin.
"Who knew you were so evil" Annabeth said laughing.
"At least i'm your evil partner in crime right?" Percy said trying to wink but failed so it looked like he had a twitch. 
"Is your eye twitching?" Annabeth said laughing
"Very funny, ha ha" Percy said trying to keep a straight face but her laugh was contagious so he ended up laughing and jumping into the bed next to her. They went to sleep exhausted and cuddling together. Everyone had also ended up going to sleep as well by midnight. At 3:00 am, a skeleton shadowed traveled into Percy's cabin. It looked really easy to just pick up Annabeth and run. The skeleton had also brought Luke Castellan, supporter of the Titans and Gaea. Luke looked down at the sleeping face of Annabeth Chase. Her short quick breaths as she slept, her soft pink lips opening just barely. The gray eyes he longed to see of his first love that that Jackson stole from him. Percy Jackson. The enemy that only Luke felt he could face. He picked up Annabeth and started to walk when he stopped. Her arm was connected to something. Luke's eyes followed Annabeth's arm to find the two holding hands, not letting go. Anger boiled inside Luke. He jerked Annabeth's arm away, dislocating her shoulder. He quickly covered her mouth as she screamed. He removed his hand as her eyes fluttered open. She opened her beautiful gray eyes and blinked a couple of times. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness. She was about to use her hand to rub her eyes to find that it was dislocated. She winced as she moved it. She looked up expecting Percy to be holding her but her eyes widened like an owl to find Luke evilly smiling down at her.
"PER-" Her voice was cut short as Luke placed a proper gag in her mouth. Percy started to stir. Luke's rage grew whenever he heard that Percy's name. Percy Jackson the great, Percy did this, Percy went there. Luke felt that the dumb kid was getting way more credit than needed. Luke slammed the door shut as Percy woke up. He felt his bed for Annabeth to find he was alone. The loud slam caused him to jump. Percy got up and raced out of his cabin. He stopped on the main deck. Luke was standing there carrying Annabeth who was in pain and had tears streaming down her face from her huge grey eyes. Her shoulder seemed to be dislocated. Percy stood 10 feet away from them. Percy was about to take a step forward when Luke pulled out a knife and put it at Annabeth's throat. Annabeth, wisely, didn't move but her eyes were still sending one message to Percy.
Help Me!
Percy thought about what to do. 
"Inject it" Luke said.
"What?" Percy asked.
The skeletal guard standing next to Luke took out an injection that he injected into Annabeth's arms despite her and my protests. Her eyes rolled into her head as she fell limp. Percy should've been the one to catch her but Luke did. Before he could do anything the Skeletal guard grabbed Luke and Annabeth. Percy rushed forward but stopped as Annabeth disappeared into the shadows with the Skeleton and Luke. Percy gulped taking in what happened. He fell to his knees tears streaming down his cheeks that Annabeth would so often squish till they were bright red.
"ANNAAAAABETH!!!" Percy cried.
Okay so i know that Luke Castellan supported the good side at first, then betrayed everyone taking Kronos' form, but in the end he was the hero of the prophecy, (The Last Olympian). I also am aware that he died. I am gonna hopefully create a backstory of Luke Castellan and what happened after he died. I have also realized that i'm starting to do chapters at 1000 words instead of 2000 but i feel that i'll do somewhere in between and get more chapters posted. The first two were kind of introductory so they're kind of longer but i'll continue posting. <3
Ps. Should i add Bianca di Angelo and/or Zoe Nightshade? If so, tell me should they be good or bad.


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  • CreativeAngel

    Lol even im not that stupidly cruel. I would murder you if you dare speak of that nonsense again MuHAHHAHAHA C;

    over 2 years ago
  • camlily

    This is AHMAZING (yes, I spelled that wrong but AH it's so good) and omg Percy and Annabeth are like the perfect couple please don't make them ever break up because if you do I'll never look at you again :)

    over 2 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Thank you soooo much!

    over 2 years ago
  • BlueWriter

    Of course! And awesome writing! :D

    over 2 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Okay i will definitely try to add them in! Thanks for the suggestion!

    over 2 years ago
  • BlueWriter

    Yes you should add them, and make them good! I don't want those girls to be bad, they were awesome!

    over 2 years ago