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​dear world

April 20, 2018

dear world,

i hope that she's healthy
i hope that you're protecting her from getting sick or getting damaged or getting broken
i hope that you tread lightly in her prescence, careful not to get in her way or cause her any harm

make sure that you listen to what she has to say
make sure that if she asks for help, you help her
make sure that you aren't taking too much from her

don't turn yourself against her, or she will turn against you
don't treat her like she's weak, she's stronger than you know
don't think that she needs you, you need her more

you need her to survive
you need her oxygen, her plants, her animals, her rain, her sunlight
you need the earth, and i hope that you're not destroying it

the world

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  • alex-bandong

    i love this so so much - this isn't the best of feedback but still

    over 3 years ago