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The Boy of the Biology Class

November 22, 2015

He flourished on a signature capability, a unique power to control Orchids. On the surface, he is an average young Singaporean. He has a jet-black crewcut with a face marked with pimple scars. He wears black-rimmed spectacles with rectangle lenses, owns a white-collar job and of course, complains about the warm and humid weather. But, back in his retreat in the Botanic Garden's Orchid Experimental Labs, he is the god who helms the holy chariot. 

In the lightless chamber where they keep the seedlings, he perches on a tall stool, hunching over to observe an Orchid embryo in a splash of white, blinding light comparable to that of a supernova. Under the high magnification of the Olympus lens in the microscope, he peeks with one eye and gingerly uses his micropipette-like equipment to insert a fragment of mutant DNA into the embryo of the Phalaenopsis Aphrodite. Even though what he saw was a mere insertion of a hair-breadth black line into another slightly thicker line, he could imagine the little nucleotides joining hands when their 3' hydroxyl group meets with the 5' phosphate group. Then, he straightened his back and his little mousey eyes darted around to check for any signs of human life. After his quick scan revealed that all was clear, his cream-hued latex-gloved hand transferred the embryo into a clear petri-dish in a few dexterous movements. He stared at it with his hopeful mud-brown eyes and said in an almost inaudible voice:"Show me what a beauty you will become."

The embryo seemed to have understood that command. Soon, that little droplet became a globule. It continued to enlarge and a white-coloured delicate root pierced through the brown mass. It was soon followed with thin fingers of those aerial roots swiftly crawling and spreading out across the circumference of the petri dish. A green shoot then appears, supported by a backbone of a jade coloured stem. It was followed by the emergence of glossy,ovoid emerald leaves. Finally, a pearl white flower uncurled its fronds like it had just gotten out of bed. There was a rich shade of mauve that laced its velvety petals, much like a French aristocrat's dress. Her pouting lips were bright red like Elizabeth Taylor's pin-ups. 

He sighed in content and felt a smile spread across his face. 

"Okay young lady, go find yourself a nice home!" He commanded cheerily. 

The mutant Phalaenopsis fully comprehended his instructions. Its roots bundled together to form the shape of a foot. In 10 seconds, the plant rose to its feet, skipped out of the petri-dish, and began sauntering across the cement-gray lab table as if it were taking a walk in the park. 1 minute later, it reached the nutritious spa that he had prepared and put one foot in after the other like it was entering a bath-tub. It settled down, wriggled its bottom a little and became still again like any other Orchid. 

But today was an unfortunate day. It was seen by his arch-rival who had tried in vain to mass produce quality orchids. 

"So this is how you do it you crafty little boy." Her piercing soprano voice reverberated around the empty lab walls and sent chills down his spine. He could feel the hair at the back of his neck standing and sweat droplets forming on his upper lip. 
This was game over. He will be reported and have to pack up and leave. He turned around, eyes wide-open, with his mud-brown eyes meeting her hazel ones. 

Her heels clicked on the wooden floor like the pendulum of death. With every step neared, he could see the sinister smile on her face clearer. He scrambled about his seat attempting to regain his poise. But, her imminence loomed even nearer. The usual floral perfume she wore somehow reeked of death. He leaned back and hit his funny bone on the edge of the table. The pain and numbness was transferred throughout his body as he felt her tentacles of evil wrap themselves around him. He has to do something to escape, right now real quick. 

"You aren't supposed to know!" He yelled in a deep but trembling baritone. The motionless orchid minutes ago sprouted anaconda-like tentacles from its pores and entangled her in the blink of an eye. The beauty was no more. It was possessed by beelzebub and turned into a horrific monster. Its luscious lips were now replaced with a bottomless, razor-fanged and bloody blackhole.

"Finish her." He ordered nonchalantly. 

"You can't do this to me! I am your supervisor!" She burst out in burning rage. She kicked her legs wildly about, catapulting her high-heels into the dark abyss of the lab. She was already turning purple and gaping for air. 

"Not anymore from today onwards." He didn't even turn to look. The beast from hell used its muscular ovoid arms and threw her into the hole with a blood-curdling scream. The lab regained its peace and quiet. That little potted plant morphed back into the beautiful flower that it was and stayed motionless just like its counterparts. 

"Good girl!" He winked at the flower. He saw a light blush on the white petals of the orchid after his praise.



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