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Message to Readers

This piece was written as some sort of poet description of the world around me while I took a dip in the pool tonight. There are some rhymes and some not-rhymes and a disjointed rhythm that you might only notice if you read this aloud. I'm not really looking to build on what I've written so critique would probably be a waste of time but, nonetheless, I'd still appreciate any thoughts and/or comments you'd like to give. So yeah. Best read aloud - I hope you enjoy!

A Swim (Nearing Midnight)

November 21, 2015


I tilted my gaze to see the sheer clouds passing overhead,
like broken smoke or a blanket made of feathers so fine, 
there were places through which you could glimpse the other side.
So the cloak of deep blue with its stars scarce and scattered
and the moon with all it's mystery and shine,
peaked through the patches where you could still see the sky.
A bat flew overhead, silent and dark as death,
and it was peculiar for me to think that for this strange creature,
tonight was day and tomorrow was night.
Around me the water grew colder and I could feel the chill creeping in,
shivered at the kiss of cold air on my skin,
and it occurred to me that I might turn in.
For the moon was climbing higher in the sky
and the hush on the trees and the bite in the breeze,
could only mean that we were nearing midnight.
It occurred to me that I might turn in.


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