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She's Random

December 4, 2015

She's the kind of girl who enjoys the beauty in art or in anything
she's the one who walks these streets up and down to make her way around town
she's the one who wakes up to get an education and go home to then go to work and it repeats everyday
She does tend to questions alot of things
She feels anything is possible
She does believe things can get  better and/or things can get worse
She does have faith
she's bored in class but
she the type that has a lot going for her but you wouldnt know
she's also the type to be sensitive
she's the type to mix coffee icecream with a bunch of oreo cookies
she the type to enjoy chineese food on a rainy day
she hates spiders and the color green
she enojys baking
she enjoys Big Y cakes with sweet frosting
she's the kind to randomly list things about herself
she's the sort of person who finishes this prompt with the word SHE because she is random.



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