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April 18, 2018


Moving cities wasn't the thrill that I had pictured or fantasised in my head, it was stressful and every day I woke up with new aches in places I hadn't even known, my arms were sore and my thinking was disorientated from all the heavy boxes I had been carrying back and forth around the house.
"The van will be here in half an hour, then our plane boards in 3 hours so start getting ready" Mum says from the kitchen, I leap off my feet and tape the last box, shifting it towards the door with all the other ones stacked in a brown mass of bulky towers.
I take a break on the stair, hunching over my knees as I take a long look over the empty house, it was a spacious realm now with gleaming tiles and our staircase looked the most elegant it had ever been, I was going to miss this place so much, but I couldn't deny the excitement that was welling up inside me,
"Did you fill out your enrollment form? We have to submit it in the post before we go" My mum points towards the dining table, I was in for a spontaneous surprise as one of mum's friends suggested the school,
its really great, the kids are so friendly you're daughter will love it
By the time we were on the plane, I had no trouble falling asleep even though plane seats halted any type of comfort for that period of travel, but when I woke up, we were already there, the process seemed so quick, except for our belongings which would take a week to fill up our glass cased apartment.
 I didn't need an alarm to wake me up for the first day, generally I made myself stay awake with minimal rest since I was too occupied with the school. Orientation day kept my mind busy as I continuously replayed it in my head several times until I sat up from my bed at 3.30 
"Everything ready? Lunch? Books?" She says, typing the digits into our alarm system,
"Yea" I say quickly reaching into my bag frantically to triple check,
"Good. Be happy, be nice, and make friends, okay?" She says gripping her hands tightly on the steering wheel,
"Yep" I reply,
The school hussles to assembly, and I take my spot on the third isle on the bleachers, a row completely taken by people I barely remember, one spot at the end next to a boy with black hair, wearing a cap backwards with one strand of black hair sticking out, how trendy. 
 I nod, politely walking up and keeping my eye contact glued to the floor as I sit down at the edge, afraid of being smacked off as he was tackling the boy beside him.

"HEY YOU'RE NEW" He yells sliding his entire body towards me, I almost fall out but barely manage to keep steady,
"Nice observation" I say my voice shrinking, I feel everyone's eyes on me, the isle above and the isle down below pairs of eyes looking up towards me.
"I'm Ronen!" He yells as if announcing it to the rest of the school instead of me, placing a proud hand on his chest,
"Cool, Ronen." I'm too baffled to remember my own name,
"Well?" He says crossing his arms, "What's your name, wait let me guess!" He snaps his finger and the boy beside him distracts me from replying as his deathly stare drills through me,
"Its...Jessica?" He smirks slightly bowing to everyone, the boy next to him pulls of his hat and aggressively throws it off to the floor,
"DUDE What the Hell?!' He rushes through the crowd and I feel the stare more intensely shoot through my back, I feel him move closer and I debate whether I should to a new isle.

"Who the hell are you." He says, I hold in my breath, and try break the tightness in my lips trembling,

"Jessica" I say playing with the strap on my bag,
"Jessica is a pathetic name, you look pathetic"
"I know right, I hate it" I smile, and his expression is meshed with confusion and irritation much to my amusement, 
 At this point the assembly quietens down and Ronan takes back his seat, it takes me effort to swallow down the lump in my throat and try listen. This was a bad idea, I cringe as the principal says,
'We hope you have a wonderful year, kids!, Be the very best you can ever be!"
We shuffle to our teachers and form classes, all the students gathering into their own little bubbles, and I find myself awkwardly pacing around and grab an empty desk towards the back, I try steer clear from the angry red haired boy and Ronan, who was using the desks as his parkour playground, while I tried to make good use of my vanilla uniform and blend with the beige walls. 
"Okay, Rihanna would you like to introduce yourself please" The teacher announces,

 It's not like I could say, 'Oh no I couldn't!
I slide down my chair and all eyes are on me, and the whispers are louder in my head,
give a slight nod and tug at my skirt feeling a blush creep onto my entire face as I struggle to open my mouth,
"I'm Rihanna...umm, thanks.." The last half of my sentence fades away, scurrying over to my desk, the awkwardness was painful and I could feel how uncomfortable my peers were, for a moment I glanced at the boy with red hair who was still glaring at me, 
I was in a panic now, unable to locate my class, everyone sectioned off into different halls and doors, and I had come back to the same place the third time, feeling defeated, I slouched on the bench, flipping through my phone and diary for clues, 
The mystery of 6FT. Even the library didn't use their services to help out, they abused their power to send me right outside before I could hand my time table, if this was the case, I should've just stayed in my old school, a few voices trail from the side, so I stop brushing my foot against the floor, trying to look preoccupied with my phone
My novel I'm working on! 
All rights reserved. 


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