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The Nation Game: Chapter One

April 17, 2018


Waking up in a strange room is strange, especially with a dozen people in the same room. A man named Jake was in this situation, and was feeling quite groggy, as was everyone in the room.

They were all sitting in a circle, sitting in metal desks, each painted a different color. Jake looked around the circle, and saw a strong looking guy, a girl that had a sun hat, a elderly man in a wheelchair, a woman possibly in a military, a man with a enormous glasses, a lady that had a suit, a man that’s face was covered with hair, a woman that was staring at something, and a woman that seemed paranoid.

A man walked into the room, with a large smile on his face.

”Ah, so our lovely test subjects have woken up?” He said in an oddly soothing voice.

”Where are we?” The strong looking guy asked.

”The Hall of Nations,” Smiley man said,”Welcome to this wonderful new continent.”

”New continent?” The military lady said,”How is that possible?”

”Nothing that matters to your reasons for being here,” Smiley man smiled again,”Before we get to that, you should all introduce yourselves.”

“I’ll go first!” The strong guy yelled,”I’m Will!”

”What’s your last name?” Suit lady asked.

”Oh, that’s not necessary,” Smiley said,”Please, state your occupation.”

”I play sports!” Will yelled again,”All of ‘em!”

Sun hat girl went next. “Uh...I’m Anna,” She said, in the softest voice Jake had ever heard,”I’m a botanist.”

”My name is Grant,” Wheelchair man said in a deep voice,”I used to be in the army.”

”My name is Sasha,” Military lady said, in a clear voice,”I work in the military.”

”James is the name,” Glasses guy said, in a voice that Jake thought was snooty,”I’m a university student.”

“You people can call me Jen,” Suit lady said, in a voice that was hard to describe,”My work is confidential.”

”Name’s Bill,” Hair man said, in voice that sounded like he had something stuck in his throat,”I’m a police officer.”

“I’m Sam,” Staring lady said, in a voice that sounded nasally,”I’m a doctor.”

Paranoid lady said nothing.

”Her name is Lisa,” Smiley man said,”She’s unemployed.”

”I’m Jake,” Jake said, in a voice he thought was professional,”I’m an attorney.”

”Well than, that takes care of all of you,” Smiley man smiled yet again,”My name is Maxwell. How would you like tor,in your own nation?”


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