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I am 14 years old and in 9th grade. I have a passion for writing, photography and volleyball.

The T.O.P. | Chapter One | Ivy McFarlane

April 17, 2018


    I sit in the far back of the classroom as my teacher drones on about the importance of staying hologram free in 2079. Nobody's listening, of course, because we are all to busy playing holographic bowling and table top ping-pong. The day was going great!
    Ok, no day is great when you have the Chemints always looking down at you. They are the top of the TOP, Territory of Optimum Pretentiousness, The Queen, Joseline Chemint, and King, Casimir Chemint, and their kids are royalty in our nation. Brent and Parris the kids are school royalty and if you annoy them the slightest little bit their call for mummy and daddy to throw you in confinement or something. That's why it’s best to just steer clear of the Chemints but, in my case that's difficult because Parris just happens to be my best friend. I’m not one of her friends that drool over her all day, I call them her minions, I’m the type of friend that is there for her when she needs me and I also don’t mind insulting her. She just keeps saying that “I keep it real” whatever that’s supposed to mean. She also says that I’m the only other person at this school that is hot enough for her to hang out with.
    “Hey Ivy, do you want to play a game of ping-pong” Parris asks nonchalantly. She was sitting at her desk chewing gum and hitting a holographic ping-pong ball with a holographic paddle.
    “Sure” I reply. I get off my butt and step over to Parris’s desk. I flip my hand to activate the holographic screen and click the ping-pong button. The pixels of the phone warp into a ping-pong paddle. “Ok. I’m ready”.
    “0 serving 0” She mumbles as she serves the ball in my direction. The ball hits the little holographic net in the center of the desk. “Shit. Fault One”. She goes for the serve again. This time it goes over the net landing on my side. I back paddle the ball straight back at her. She spikes the ball onto my side and I barely recover. She is so surprised that she forgets to hit the ball.
    “I play winner,” Brent calls from across the room.
    “Shut-up Brent!” Parris calls back at him. He looks offended.
    “What? I want to go up against Ivy” Brent calls back. I blush, I never really thought Brent noticed me. The more I thought about it the dumber I felt.
    “Are you saying I’m going to lose?” Parris snaps back.
    “Oh, I guess I am” Brent walks over to us. He activates his ping-pong paddle. ”Any day now”. He wants us to start.
    “This was a bad Idea Ivy, let’s get out of here” Parris waves to her brother and starts to walk away.
    “Wait!” I blurt, making Parris stops in her tracks.
    “What is it?” Parris says with a tinge of annoyance on her voice.
    “I want to finish the game” I suggest. Oh God! Why did I want to finish the game?
    "What?" She responds.
    "I want to fin..."
    "I know, why?" She cuts me off.
    "I don't know, I guess I wanted to see if I could win" I respond. What am I doing?
    "Oh I get it. You want to go against my brother" She laughs at her thought.
    "No I..." I say to fast to actually be taken seriously.
    "Fine, but it's not like your going to win. Might I remind you, I never lose" She scuffs.
    "We’ll see if your winning streak may continue but, if I win I want to play against Brent" I challenge.
    "You’re on." Parris glares at her brother, then serves the ball. And we play a long hard game. I save every single serve that is thrown at me. But she spikes the ball back every time. "20 serving 21" Parris said. This was game point. If I could get this next point I could win. I spike the ball at her and she just misses. I throw my hands up, Ya, go me!
    "You ready" Brent inquired.
    "I'm ready when you’re ready" I reply.
    "Well I'm ready so..." He trips over his words. He severs the ball and we play. It was probably the most intense game I have ever played. Parris never actually tries  because I always lose but, because I just won adrenaline rushes through my blood. The thing is Brent is undefeated. There is no way I could ever wish to win against him. This is my chance. The ball bounces off the table on my side.
    “Wow! I thought you would at least be a challenge!” Brent conveys. He is frowning.
    “Are you afraid you're going to lose” I challenge! He laughs, like lmao hard. It was a little embarrassing but, I stared blankly at him. He looked up at me.
    “Oh, wait you're serious?” He asks, still half laughing.
    “What else would I be?” I return.
    “Easy to beat” He replies.
    “You wish” I retort.
    “Watch me beat you!” He serves the ball. I hit the ball back and he spikes it to my face. It hits my nose.
    “Ow! I think I win by default.” I whimper.
    “Whatever, Parris, we should get home. Remember we have that gala in 3 hours.” Brent says.
    “Oh ya, Ivy I invited you! Let's go!” Parris declares.
    “But, I didn’t even get a dress.” I utter.
    “You can borrow one of mine! Come on!” Parris yells. We practically run out the school building and into Brents Tesla. He hit the gas and then switched the car into auto-drive.
    “So” Brent breaks the silence. He had turned his chair around to face us.
    “So?” Parris replies.
    “So, what kind of gala are we going to?” I ask to no one in particular.
    “A fancy one” Brent says.
    “Brent!” Parris scolds.
    “What? Its true.” Brent looks offended but, I know he really isn’t.
    “Every gala our parents make us go to is fancy!” Parris answers. She then looks over to me ,”It’s nothing political, I promise!” She didn’t really answer my question but, I didn’t care enough to actually question further. We sit in silence as we drive to the Chemint’s house. There house is at the end of main street. It is huge, ok so you look at mansions from like the 2000’s and then you think Bigger. These are like five times bigger. It has over 200 bedrooms, why you need that many? I have no clue but they are royalty.
    We pull into the expansive driveway and down into the underground car park. We get out and the car moves into its spot. Brent puts the keys on the tray and we walk into the foyer. The chandelier is bursting with crystals above my head and the idea that it will fall and crush my head pops into my mind. I scoot out from under the chandelier and keep walking.
    “Come-on, I have a lot of work to do” She looks me down and motions for me to follow her. We run up to her floor, which is the third one, and burst into her room. She walks to her closet. And after 30 seconds she stomps back into the room with an armful of dresses. She drops them on the king size bed then picks one up, it is black and doesn’t appear to have enough fabric to be an actual dress “You are going to wear this one!”
    “Is that even a dress” I question, and she laughs. “No I’m serious, what will your parents say”
    “You still think we are going to a gala?” She asks.
    “What else would we be doing? Are we going to go to some international sorority bash?”
    “How did you know?” She smiles.
    “I have a curfew!”
    “Don’t worry my mom told your mom that we are having a sleepover!”
    “What? Put on the dress!” She throws the fabric at my face.
    “I’m an not a slut!”
    “Nor am I but, you’re not going to make out with anyone if you are in your clothes.” I look down at my sweater, it is blue and I paired it with a pair of ripped jeans and hiking boots, I saw her point,
    “Fine” I grab the dress and head to the bathroom. When the dress is on I look into the mirror. I do a double take because, damn I look hot. The dress has no sleeves so my boobs are on full display. It hugs my curves but, isn’t to tight and it stops right under the butt. It is made of a slim leather and there is a daringly low back. I look like a skimpy shadowhunter. I walk out into the room. I look around for Parris but, I don’t see her. I go into the hallway and spot her coming out of a different room. “Hey, there you are!” I run down the hall to meet her. She nods her head and throws another bundle of fabric at my face. “What now?”
    “Just put it on, trust me” She then walks down the hall and back into her room. I walk into the room she had just came out of. It was a bathroom, I know how exciting. I unravel the bundle, There is a fluffy pink jacket, a bra, fancy lingerie, I think, and Thigh high boots. I put everything on and head into Parris’s room. She is sitting on her bed with a phone in her hand.
    “Whats up” I ask.
    “Brent is already on his way, come-on we’ll meet him there” She says as she walks to the door. I follow her back through the house and into the car park. Parris has a google car. It’s the newest model and it looks fine. We drive in silene all the way to the airport. Parris is in a trench coat making it impossible to see what she is wearing. She has huge sunglasses on and tiny heels.
    We walk into the lobby of the airport and we are escorted to our gate. Parris Has her own private jet called the “AirParris”. It is a black and white aircraft with gold accents. There are mahogany floors inside and plants everywhere.  
    “Enjoy yourself, I will be taking a nap in my bedroom.” Parris yawns as she steps up stairs into her bedroom. I go into the kitchen to grab some fruit snacks. When I enter there is a letter on the table addressed to Parris’s parents. It didn’t have a return address so I couldn’t tell who it was from. I pick up the envelope and the letter flutters to the floor. I pick it up and read it;
        Dear Mr. and Mrs. Chemint,
            It has come to my attention that my assistant has refused to contact you herself. I am contacting you because         there are enemies and those enemies are me. Yes, me and my co-workers are planning to overthrow your government.         I just wanted to give you a little advance on the matter. I would love if you could prepare your armies and arm your         citizens. I bet this is an odd correspondence but, if you don’t take this seriously then you will regret it for the rest of         your days, which won't because you’ll have no more days...

    “What are you doing?” Parris accuses as I turn on my feet to face her.
    “I...I” Parris laughs. What? I was snooping in her private business she has a right to be mad “Wha…?”
    “Its okay, I don’t care. It’s not my letter anyway”
    “How did you get it”
    “How do you think” She stole it of course. It’s just like Parris to do something like that.
    “So why do you have it?” I inquire. I mean why would she have a document like that?
    “I wrote it!”
    “That’s right, me and my brother our the enemies to our own nation.”
    “Wait, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that, you have to promise not to tell anyone”
    “This is serious it will mess up everything”
    “Okay, I promise not to tell anyone else”
    “Good because if you didn’t I’d have to kill you and my brother wouldn’t be happy about that. He has quite the crush on you”
    “He does?” I half whisper. She ignores me and heads into the hallway. I sit on the kitchen stool and think. Think about the only thing I can think about, Brent.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this. I am currently writing chapter 2 and I will be posting it on Fiction Press (website). Please leave comments down below, tell me what you think and how it should continue. 


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