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Constructive criticism, please! I'm only in 7th grade!


September 16, 2014

PROMPT: In the House


I turn my head as I slowly walk into my house. The presence takes hold of me immediately. Unidentifiable by everything but sound. She has the voice of an angel, whispering melodies of happiness into my ears. The feeling I get when I'm around her is indescribable. She is warm, but cold, there, yet not. Nothing could make me understand her. I take slow steps into my bedroom, smiling slightly at the sight of Kindra's bed, almost hoping she would be there. I try not to, but I still feel disappointed when I see nobody there. I know Kindra will never be here again, she will always be gone, but I still allow myself to hope. Hope is all I have left. The presence wraps around me, and whispers for me to follow it. It finally stops beside the teddy bear I gave Kindra when she was young. The presence whispers words I can't understand. The only thing I know is that it seems to want something, so I listen harder. " the world...." I think harder, then finally seem to see what the presence wants. Its warmth glows against my skin as it realizes that I know now. I know who she is. "Kindra..." I whisper. Then I smile. My baby sister was the presence. My baby sister was the one who had been helping me, guiding me, and never giving up. I reached up and held air, hoping that was Kindra's hand. "Hope is not a weakness," I whispered. Hope was what had lead me to realize, my sister was here with me. She was an angelic presence in the darkness of my life. She was the light in the dark.


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