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White Christmas

November 20, 2015


Her chilly hands flattened the fresh soil. Her fingers tentatively brushing the green leaves on her English Ivy. Repotting her plants in fresh soil was a time consuming job, but it had to be done. She looked up from her front porch down her long driveway. She loved the feeling of being away from the city, in her own little world. Realizing the weather was getting colder and she could now see the breaths she was talking, she opted for going back inside. Closing the front door behind her to keep the heat in, she grabbed a log from the pile next to her bench and threw it onto the glowing embers of the dimming fire. Pulling her beanie down from slipping off she added Brussels tails and Jade plants to her list of plants to drive to the nursery and get. She had a very green thumb as some would say. Plants on all her benches, windowsills, and porch. She loved being alone with nature. Plucking a used mug off the dining table as she walked past, she headed for the kitchen. Her home was small, but not in a; I-can’t-move-too-crammed kind of small. Just… cozy. Enough comfortable room for herself, and her plants. Placing the mug in the sink she gazed out the window at the white forest surrounding her. She smiled as she watched little snowflakes land lightly on the base of the window frame. Other people said she was crazy to be so lonely, but she didn’t mind. She believes the human spirit needs places where nature has not been changed by the hand of man.


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