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No Father No Worries

November 19, 2015


This kid name Edward Kenfield the 3rd had a dad but he never knew the man he has he name but he never knew Him.
He asked his mom if he could ever see him what he looks like what he did but she didnt know anything so edward looked him up and just couldnt find him anywhere so he gave up and edward did wrestling and he was in the paper saying he was in the championship but before the match started he got a phone call he bursted in to tears crying hes grandfather pasted away an his last wors was win the championship for me ed. his grandfather was the only father figure he had and when he was a baby his grandfather loved him eversince he was born and when he was 3 he went into a seizure and his grandfather brought him to the hospital and when stop shaking the doctor said it was normal because of the body heat. edwards grandfather was proud of edward for everything he did.When edward got the phone call he went all out for his grrandfather he wanted the trophyy just for him and he won the trophy and the funeral came he put the trophy in the cofffin just for him to keep and he had a big huge speech for his grandfather " im ed ward and im his grandson and my grandfather was the best man i could have in the whole wide world if i could see him again i could i never forgot the day he saved me a couple times and helping me with my homework and make up jokes and laugh together and one of my favorite memorys with him was i would go to work with him every tuesday before school we would go bring the paper to peoples houses i would get 2$ every house i did and he would ask me are you okay i would say yes grandpa lets do this tomorrow he said im sorry we cant i would never understand why we wouldnt do it everyday until he told me one day i want you to finish school before u get a everyday job i was tottaly fine with that and i said when im older i wanna be just like you grandpa and i was happy with him one time i actually called him dad by accident he said its fine ik how u feel but u cant call me that ed and ik what everyone is thinking but every touchdown i score and every basket i make every match i win its for him" edward looks out to the stand and he sees his mom talking to this stranger that he never saw before in his life he walked up and said mom whos this and she said this is your father edward got so mad he punched him right in the mouth his mother grabbed him what are you doing here said edward you dont deserve being here. edward father said your right i want to make things right. you want to makes things right now after 17 years now u wanna come see me where were you then the only father figure i had is in the casket now i dont want you near my family or in my lfe edward said. mom i got to go i got a football game to get to be safe and you better not be near or in my house he says goodbye to his grandfather.


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