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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Percabeth-The Apology

April 24, 2018


Jason was sitting on his bed feeling left out. He wondered why he said what he said. In all honesty, he was, is, and will always be jealous of Percy Jackson. It was really rude of him to lash out at him like that. He didn't notice the scars until he said it out loud. He truthfully felt worried of what might have happened to his friend. He wasn't even sure if he could say friend anymore. He decided it was time to apologize. To not just Percy, but everyone he disrespected. Jason realized what he was meant to do. He sent a message using the winds to Piper. 
I need to talk to you immediately please i beg of you not to ignore me.
Percy was as still as a statue staring down at the face of his precious Annabeth. He never raised his voice against Annabeth and he just took it to the extreme so that he caused her to faint. She must be really mad. She's gonna kill him as soon as she woke up. He would be running throughout the Argo 2 while everyone else is enjoying their time. He chuckled. He was definitely going crazy. Frank looked over at Piper who was standing awkwardly next to Percy trying to sooth him in any possible way. She then heard Jason's wind message and immediately headed to him. It broke her heart to be that rude to him but he deserved it after putting their friends through that much trouble.
"Be right back guys, don't worry" She shot Frank a glance and he headed over to comfort Percy while Nico and Hazel had a silent argument of whether or not they should reveal Annabeth's status. Leo just stared off into the distance wondering what to do. He was never good with people, especially at times like this. Piper secretly headed to Jason's cabin and knocked on the door. She was prepared to give a scary look and start scolding Jason but when he opened the door his eyes were red and puffy. He was in terrible shape and was definitely not Jason. Her expression immediately melted before she could open her mouth. His face sort of brightened but then turned glum as if he remembered a bad thought. He turned around without speaking and walked to his bed and plopped down with his head in his hands. Piper was kind of confused but slowly understanding. She plopped down right next to Jason rubbing her hand on his back. Jason looked up with those puppy eyes that she always loved. Piper held him tight as he kept muttering he was wrong, he hurt everyone, he shouldn't be allowed to live.
"Yes Jason"
"I'm SOOOOOOO SORRY" Jason screamed sobbing into her. Piper held him and felt really unusual. She had never seen Jason cry forget sobbing. 
"It's okay Sparky it's okay"
"You forgave me, we didn't break-up?" He said slowly looking up.
"Duh, why would we break-up? I can be stupid but i''m not that stupid" Piper said ruffling his blonde hair.
"Thank you Beauty Queen, Thank You" Jason said hugging Piper. Leo meanwhile, had gotten on fire again and was heading to the engine room when he overheard Piper and Jason. Why is she with the traitor? He thought. He listened to the whole conversation. He decided to prank them. He set himself on fire and opened the door.
Jason and Piper jumped up from the bed.
"AHHHH WE BOW DOWN WE BOW DOWN" Jason screamed bowing down on his knees. Piper, however, thought that Jason might be more stupid then he let on or something was messing with his brain because she didn't bow down knowing Leo was the 'Fire Monster'. 
"Leo Valdez. Just what do you think you're doing?" Piper asked tapping her foot with her arms crossed. Jason slowly realizing got up and hid behind Piper.
"L-Le-Leo" Jason whispered.
"Yes Leo" Piper clarified. 
"Umm, just dropping in on my two FAVORITE LOVEBIRDS. Otherwise known as Sparky and Beauty Queen."
"Leo!" The demigods scremed.
"What? Just being awesome as usual."
Jason was shuffling his feet nervously not knowing whether Leo forgave him.
"Umm, Leo-"
"No need man. I eavesdropped on your entire conversation and i have TOTALLY forgaven you man."
"Leo that's not proper grammar"
"I'm the master of Improper Pipes"
"Don't call me that"
"Kk Pipes" Piper punched Leo's arm.
"Ow what was that for."
"A warning"
"Fine i'll stop"
"Guys" Jason spoke up.
"How am i supposed to apologize to Annabeth, and definitely Percy? He's gonna kill me."
"Jason I've been good friends with Percy. He is always loyal to his friends so he'll easily forgive as long as you accept that you were wrong."
"PS. He's like my twin soo he'll forgive you" Leo happiqly added.
"Um Leo."
"Yea Beauty Queen."
"Don't ever say Percy's your twin and here"
"Ow will you quit punching me okay i'm sorry"
"Piper sent a fierce glare causing Leo to back up."
"Let's go guys" Piper said.
Jason followed behind nervously. Piper stopped Jason at the doorway and motioned for everyone to come out (except Percy and Annabeth obviously. Nico was about to turn around after seeing Jason but Piper grabbed his arm and whispered something to him. His glare softened a bit but not completely. Hazel and Frank nervously stood there.
"Soo..guys i was wrong for.. everything basically. I really hurt everyone and i'm truthfully sorry for everything honestly. I hope you'll forgive me but i understand if you won't. Anyways i'm sorry." Jason said looking down at his feet the whole time ashamed of his actions. He looked up to see Frank and Hazel smiling. Hazel walked over to Jason and surprising him hugged him. Jason quickly responded hugging her back. Frank shook his hand.
"I forgave you man."
Nico then slowly came out from behind Piper with no glare at all. He held out his hand waiting for Jason to shake it. His eyes looked up at him and he could see the Mythomagic crazed child before he became 'Death Breath' or 'Death Corpse'. Jason happily shook his hand and pulled him into a hug. Nico didn't pull back shocking everyone.
"Forgiven" He muttered into Jason's shirt. Everyone was really happy. Inside the cabin though, after everyone had left, Percy broke down. He was happy no one noticed because he was a strong leader in front of everyone. But what if Jason is right. Am I weak? Percy cried.
"I'm sorry Annabeth, You are my life please wake up. For me, your family, friends, Camp Half-Blood. You have to wake up please. If you die then i'll kill myself or become a living corpse. Please Annabeth i'm sorry." Percy kissed Annabeth's forehead and was about to get up to see what was happening outside his cabin when Annabeth's eyes fluttered open. Percy saw a glimpse as he turned around and suspiciously turned back to face Annabeth. Annabeth had opened her eyes, taking in her surroundings.
"Yes, i'm here, i'm here Wise Girl." Percy said furiously wiping tears from his eyes. Annabeth tried to stand but stumbled grabbing her head from dizziness. She almost fell...
Woah, Where am I?
You are in your flashback Annabeth dear.

I need to wake up, Percy is waiting for me. Probably worried about what happened to me.
He is no good though. He will not care.
He will not-Hold it. No wake me up. You're Tartarus! I wanna wake up. You can't brainwash me. I'm the daughter of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. Leave me Alone! N-No.
Kinda boring and sappy in my perspective but whatever.
Hope You Like It!!
Leave in the comments for any other characters i should add.


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