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Concrete Cries of Rain

September 16, 2014

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Skyscrapers loom over the city that I once called home. Protecting me, like a raincoat, from the thundering skies. Never would I understand as much as I do now, that the rain thudding against high rooftops was a silent sob. Echoing from the clouds, crying over the city I believed was beauiful, until I found the truth. The skyscrapers shieling me used to be the forest's raincoat. Preserving the forest floor. But as I stared through shop windows, I realized, the city's beauty was a cover-up for what it had done. Nothing in the world could change the way I looked at the bright lights, shining through the crying of the clouds. I almost laughed as I thought about Beauty and The Beast, a story of light inside the dark. The city was dark, inside the light. My feet splashed through the puddles that collected on the concrete jungle floor. That finally made sense to me. The concrete jungle, a jungle destroyed by the concrete. I darted through the rain, across the street. My raincoat temporarily disapeared, until I was in front of the doors to my apartment. I took a few steps inside then turned back. The rain continued to sob, mouring the death of the true beauty. The forest.


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