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i'm hannah. i write about the things that haunt me - childhood, love, people, and many other objects of my fascination. in other words,a burgeoning teenage poet with a fondness for the nonsensical.

Message to Readers

This is my first published piece, and I'd love to hear any kind of feedback - stylistic suggestions, rhythmic corrections, etc.


April 16, 2018

pleasant nothings, she says:
the carded wool of her convoluted dreams
spun into threads
that plait over and over themselves
and twist about into fantastical dances
simply put,
pointless imaginings
she was never one for the insipidity of
so she perpetually walks through the twilight between
reverie and stark
(though admittedly idyllic) reality
twining her fingertips in fantasy
and breathing life into little bits of dream
plucking passerby from wakefulness
and pulling them
into her little flights of fancy
whispering nonsensical melodies
sentimental toward her imaginings
strange little girl
with daydreaming eyes
lost to a world of sunlight


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1 Comment

    Wow. This piece is so beautiful; I love it.

    11 months ago