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I am struggling with the right diction in this piece so any advice you have is welcomed.

The Walkout

April 16, 2018


The Walkout
At 10 AM we left a place where we did not feel safe,
At 10:05 we waited for our friends to arrive,
At 10:10 we wondered if this tragedy would happen again.
At 10:15 we listened to girl talk about the lost seventeen.
At 10:20 we stood in silence as 3 protesters became many,
At 10:30 we stayed soundless when it began raining,
At 10:35 the KSL helicopter above shifted our eyes,
At 10:37 we stood and walked back to class knowing their souls now rested in heaven,
But what about the rest of us. The rest of us are still afraid
Still so young to do enough and our leaders made our lives feel betrayed,
Standing in the cold, morning lives that never should have been lost,
You´ll stand up for your volatile 2nd amendment but at what cost.
Protecting something that is taking lives
It is an object and your weapon cannot make them re-arise,
It took 17 precious children ,
Their families cannot be fixed with amens,
Your thoughts and prayers are not enough,
Youŕe choosing something over our safety just so you feel tough,
We would not need that ¨PROTECTION¨
If they were given out to only those who need them.
The crap training course and hysterical background check is not saving anybody,
You are still handing out guns to people who insist on leaving the ground bloody.
How many lives will it take for you to turn off the blinders/
If February 14th doesn't wake you up let me give you some reminders,
Las Vegas of last year, Sandy Hook Elementary 2012, Sutherland Spring Texas, 2017.
These are just the few of many SO WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP?
Stop going against us and for once look at what is best for us.


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1 Comment
  • Unapologetic Regret

    Wow, what a powerful piece! The line 'thoughts and prayers' — it reminds me of Thoughts and Prayers by a band named grandson (yes, lower case). It's about school shootings and gun control, and the lyrics are really amazing when you read through them. Highly suggest!

    9 months ago