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I make weird stuff.
Some poems.
Some WtW prompts.
Shoutout to SamG953.

Message to Readers

I tried something different, like a free verse poem.

Space Odyssey

April 16, 2018


There you are, floating in space.
Galaxies surround you.
You enter the closest one, a beautiful spiral galaxy.
Then, a nebula appears.
With blue and purple hues, with red mixed in, it captivates you.
You move closer.
You see a family of stars, and are curious.
You move closer.

You select one, a blue one, and move closer.
Then, a few dots appear.
They must be planets, you think.
They are planets.
You pick the first one—the brightest one—and move closer.
The dot separates.
You realize that the planet has moons.
You move closer.

Then, you see that the dot is a stunning blue gas giant.
Moons circle it.
It has a massive icy ring system.
At the center, the massive blue sphere shrouded in clouds grabs your attention.
Mixed into the blue, purple and brown swirl around.
Several hurricanes rage through the clouds.
This is absolutely beautiful, you think.
As you watch the planet slowly spin.

You focus your attention to the moons.
The first one, a big one, is lush with vegetation and wildlife.
Oceans cover the surface and storms ravage the landscape.
The next moon, the biggest, is a sandy world.
It has a thick atmosphere, and ice-caps at the poles.
You move on to the next one.
It is like the first planet, but lacking vegetation.
You do not see any other ones.

There you rest, your soul in peace.
As you gaze upon this masterpiece.


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