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I don't have much to say, but others do so have some nice quotes:
"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground" -Teddy Roosevelt
"If one dream should fall apart and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again" -Flavia Weedn
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"There is no great genius without a touch of madness" -Aristotle
"Write drunk; edit sober." -Ernest Hemingway

The Cave

April 15, 2018


     “"It's over here!,” shouts Viktor, his words nearly drowned out by the wind. I trod over to confirm the validity of his words, they are true. Viktor and I are standing in front of the entrance to the Cave of the Night. 
     We have been searching for this cave for  three years. It involved a lot of hiking, studying, and deciphering. I take a deep breath, grab my best friend by the wrist, and start dragging him inside the mouth of the cave.
     The Cave of the night is known for its fielding covered in beautiful crystals, those crystals have been lost to time. Centuries ago, when a band of travelers found this cave they dubbed the crystals as the "stars of travelers”. I could not believe Viktor and I had been the ones to finally rediscover the lost crystals.
     “"It's wonderful,” Viktor whispers, “"Finn do you see it?” 
     “"Yes I see it, should I take a sample?,” I look to Viktor and he nods, so I reach up and use my hammer to smash off a few pieces and insert them in a sealed bag. Viktor circles around and takes pictures all the while. “Lets explore the rest of the cave,” Viktor says when he's finished taking a picture of a translucent butterfly perched on a stone covered in moss. The pictures will look wonderful when he's done.
     “"Should we film?,” I ask. “"No, this experience should belong to us only. Just pictures.” I nod and we venture down into the cave. My flings trace the delicate white lines of the ancient drawings made long ago. 
     The legend about the Cave of the Night is a legend Viktor and I , and many children too, have been hearing for decades. It tells the tale of a team of seven bright eyed explores in a group called “Mike’s Travelers” who's ship crashed onto the shore of a beach in Hawaii and explored the land. The eventually stumbled upon a cave and entered it. What they found was spectacular, crystals covering the top of the cave, enchanting creatures, and gorgeous new species’ of plants. Unfortunately they stumbled a little to far and ended up trapped in a pit in the cave.
     They could only get one guy out with the effort of all the men, and they sent out their youngest, Oliver Swayset, who was nineteen. Oliver was sent to go get help, but on his way out he tripped on a root and couldn't get up. Still, Oliver was determined to share his findings and save his friends, so he dug into his bag and retrieved a glass bottle and input a note. The bottle was then tossed into stream that was near Oliver, and it floated all the way out into the ocean and landed on the coast of Florida. Legend says that a young boy found it and said very few things, only enough to tell about the cave and what happened to the men.
     To this day, people still debate on who the boy is, and the exact context of the message. That meant Viktor and I had to heavy searching and analyzing to get where we are now. Which, currently, is by a decaying skeleton lying by a root, close to a stream. 
     “"So the legend is real,” Viktor shakes his head in awe, “"If I am correct, we have just found the skeleton of young Oliver Swayset.” We exchange a look, nod, and move through the procedure we usually go through when we encounter a skeleton; which happens too often for guys our age. Viktor takes out his camera and circles to take pictures of the body while taking notes-he has become the master of multitasking- and I take out one of the neon flags we use for marking and place it on the body. Next, I gather a few flowers and pretty looking plants form around the cave-even though we are technically not supposed to touch them-and place them on Oliver's Body. I don't want his spirit to be restless and honoring the body usually keeps a skeleton at peace while we are searching through their cave. It pleases them.
     Once we are all done with the procedure, Viktor and I move on further. “"We should be close the pit,” I say “"some say the note said Oliver hadn't traveled far before he fell.” That was most of our information to go by, rumors and assumptions made by people who have been studying like us.
     We do eventually reach a pit, but we nervous to look over the edge. “"Do you think this is where the rest of Mike’s Travelers are?,” Viktor asks. He takes his camera out just in case. “"No telling,” I answer and get out a flashlight.
     “We look on three?” I suggest.  
     "Yes," Viktor agrees, "one...two...three!"
     We race to read the edge and look over, seeing what many have spent a lifetime to observe.
I spent literally no time editing that so sorry if it is messy. I might do a part two if I feel like it. Have a nice day!


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