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Home bound

November 18, 2015

PROMPT: Returning

The car hummed the way always does when one is on a highway in the middle of the night,home bound. It rocks my family to sleep, but I stay attentive. The very exit we take, that one bump that used to get us every time, but now we all brace for. The premature Christmas ligthts on the run down, almost shut down dry cleaners. The thick forest at its thinned out edges, reveling dedicated runners in their sun up dance. The workers on willow road, who should be done after four years of work, but seem to be holding on to the familiar look of our small town. Stars that are being eaten by the growing sunrise, fading into darkness, sacrificing themselves to the sun. My little sister lolls her head on to my shoulder and sighs in her blissful dream land as her sleep warmed skull spreads the warmth on my neck, heating the cold sunrise that surrounds me. Out the car window I see the town starting to wake, quaking with the beginings of a new day. As we pull into the all too familiar street of twisted and turns, north, east and west, I accept the feeling of safe that enters my soul no consumes my emotions. The familiar bricks, the carefully placed plaster, the garage in great need of a paint job. As we screech to a fast short stop and fall out of the car, through the door and into bed, we all seem oblivious to our surrounds, but as my head hit my pillow, I know how glad we all are not to be home bound anymore. 


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  • AbigailSauble

    Beautiful descriptions! And I know that feeling of finally being home. :)
    Keep writing!

    about 2 years ago